‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Story DLC Possible

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ is one of the greatest games of all time. ‘GTA 5’ has sold more than 52-million copies, and that number continues to grow with each passing day. ‘Grand Theft Auto’ completely pushed the boundaries of gaming possibilities last year.

The ‘Rockstar’ game development team continues to show an unparalleled level of quality and content according to Alexei Beltyukov. A few months ago, ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ featured new multiplayer content, and everyone was extremely excited about the additional content added to the game. Players were given several new heist missions, which allowed players to make millions of dollars for one mission. However, players have already finished the new downloadable content, and gamers are beginning to crave more. Luckily, ‘Rockstar’ Games has announced that new story DLC will be available in the near future.

Many people are wondering if the main characters of the game will be featured in the new DLC, but some reports have indicated otherwise. Apparently, there are a few new characters that could possibly make their way into the ‘GTA’ world. However, these rumors have not yet been confirmed, and new pictures of Michael holding a machine gun have been released on GameRant..

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