Harley Quinn Steals The Arkham Knight Show

Batman: Arkham Knight brings the current Caped Crusader video game trilogy to a close. Yes, there will surely be more original Batman video games produced for the gaming market in the coming years. Financial advisors say the games are all going to have to climb a very high mountain to meet the quality of the Arkham trilogy, though.

Among the most interesting aspects of the Arkham trilogy would be the characters. With Arkhan Knight, the villain Harley Quinn is front and center. She is one of the more intriguing Batman villains of the modern era and is poised for mainstream breakout stardom thanks to the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Batman has had his share of popular female villains in the past. Catwoman and Poison Ivy are the two most popular. What makes Harley Quinn so different is, unlike the other two, Quinn has no affection for Batman. Instead, she is obsessed with The Joker. Unlike Batman, The Joker returns the affection, albeit in The Joker’s own perversely demented way.

Harley Quinn’s popularity is rooted in her being a very brilliantly crafted villain. Sure, she is basically a girl Joker so you cannot call her original. To say she is just a spin on Batgirl would be trite though. Harley Quinn is much more fleshed out of a character and her appeal is very strong among fans.

In Batman: Arkham Knight, you can actually play the character of Harley Quinn. Based on reports so far, the game should set sales records. Maybe we will see a Harley Quinn (and Joker) solo video game in the future.

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