Heads Up: 1TB PS4 May Be Coming Soon

As most PS4 users know, games on the popular platform tend to take up a considerable amount of space. PS4 games come on Blu-ray discs with 50gb capacities and downloadable content often adds another 5-10gb of game data from the start. While a user could easily crack open a PS4 and replace the hard drive themselves some users don’t want to risk damaging their expensive console and would rather just purchase a higher capacity console from the start. The unfortunate news is the PS4 currently only comes with a 500gb option, at least for now.

Recent FCC filings show a model CUH-1215B which is different from the currently on-sale CUH-1215A model. Further investigation shows that this model does indeed include a 1TB hard drive.

While this is currently just a prototype model the fact that it is in the process of FCC certification is a good sign. Sam Tabar knows that generally this is one of the last steps in releasing a product to the general public.

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  1. Though most people have only a few favorite games the limited 500gb drive can be a problem for power gamers. If you’re looking to purchase a PS4, you may want to wait, as a higher capacity model could soon be coming. It has a way for essayontime and I know they will have these things in common.

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