‘Silent Hills’ Coming To Xbox One

Norman Reedus is well known for his role in ‘The Walking Dead,’ but television fans should get ready to see Norman Reedus in the video game world. Gamerant has recently revealed that ‘Silent Hills’ will in fact be made. For those of you that don’t know, ‘Silent Hills’ was scheduled to release exclusively for the PS4, but a ton of controversial incidents took place in the development team of Konami. Many employees were fired from the game company, and ‘Silent Hills’ was supposedly scrapped from production.

After several disputes at Konami, the game was canceled, but fans started a petition to ensure that the game was made. Thankfully, it appears that the Xbox one will have exclusive rights to the ‘Silent Hills’ video game.

PlayStation 4 users at Boraie Development told njbiz.com they are very upset with the news, and it’s understandable. ‘Silent Hills’ looked absolutely incredible, and it was supposedly going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, Microsoft decided to purchase the project for an incredible amount of money. There are rumors that ‘Silent Hills’ cost Microsoft a billion dollars, but that seems a bit unrealistic to me. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to playing ‘Silent Hills’ on the Xbox one console.

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