Youtube Announces Video Game Streaming Service

The video game industry has become a billion dollar revenue source, and it seems that YouTube wants in on the money. For several years, Twitch was the lead streaming site for video games, and Twitch still is. However, it seems that YouTube is planning on taking over the game streaming market.

Last year, Amazon purchased twitch for $970 million dollars, and apparently Amazon is extremely happy about their business endeavor. Twitch is used by over a hundred million people, and the company’s numbers continue to rise. However, YouTube plans on streaming over 25,000 games at once, and that is truly a tall feet.

Bruce Levenson recently mentioned that the video game market has never been so lucrative, and every major company is joining in. Nonetheless, I feel that Twitch will most likely continue to rule the video streaming world. However, YouTube is a billion dollar company, and I’m sure that they have a few tricks up their sleeves in fact, YouTube has already announced that they will focus more on video games than any other category. This means that people searching for a specific video game will find it quicker than someone searching for a specific song. Gamerant recently published an article with much more information about this story.

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