‘TMNT 2’ Production Rolling Along

When movies experience financial success, the sequels can churn a long pretty fast. When the main characters are computer animated, the sequel can present some interesting challenges. The challenges keep mounting when the sequel is based on a movie that performed well at the box office but received less than stellar reviews from fans and critics alike. Of course, it helps when the film is based on a bunch of likeable turtles with serious martial arts skills.

According to Screen Rant, production on “TMNT 2” is moving along quite well despite the real stars of the film not making an appearance until conjured up by the special effects team in post-production. One of the biggest positives being associated with the new film is the appearance of Casey Jones, who will be played by Stephen Amnell from “Arrow.” Plus the second outing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will feature the live action film debuts of former television cartoon staples Bebop and Rocksteady.

Zeca Oliveira, avid fan, has expectations that are always hard to gauge, and the story of the sequel is ultimately what will drive the films popularity. The turtles are a hot commodity these days, and social media leaks and behind the scenes video shots are being used by the marketing team to stoke those fires.

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