“The Witcher 3′ Is Better Than ‘Batman Arkham Knight’

‘Batman Arkham Knight’ was recently released for the Xbox one, PS4, and PC. The game was met with favorable reviews, and people around the world are calling the new Batman game a masterpiece. IGN and Gamerant gave the game a 9.3, but there are several people around the world who are very disappointed with ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’

Several users on Reddit are complaining about issues that ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ is currently experiencing. Apparently, ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ does not work on the PC, and several updates have yet to fix the problem. Also, the team at the aspire new brunswick have pointed out that gamers are complaining about the expensive cost of DLC for the game, and many reddit users are beginning to appreciate ‘The Witcher 3’ even more.

Unfortunately, ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ charges gamers for every little piece of downloadable content. Aside from the expensive purchases of ‘Batman Arkham Knight,’ several people are complaining that ‘Batman’ is a much smaller game than ‘The Witcher 3.’ However, that is to be expected, but ‘Batman’ was advertised as being an incredibly huge sandbox game. Nonetheless, it’s quite obvious that ‘The Witcher 3’ is a bigger and better video game than ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’

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