Andy Wirth’s Awesome Recovery from Skydiving Accident

Andy Wirth is an intriguing executive, contributor, and survivor of a terrible accident that happened in October 2013 in an isolated region of Lodi, California. Wirth is the chief executive officer and president of Squaw Valley Ski properties, conglomerate of Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Resorts. Just recently, Sierra Sun reported he was chosen as the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board in July 2015, which he considers an honor to share his expertise in the local economy. Earlier this year, Andy appeared in a popular show, Undercover Boss, aired on the CBS Television Network in March. As co-founder of Wounded Warrior Support, Wirth has helped raised thousands of dollars to help the Navy Seal Foundation.

In October of 2013, Andy experienced a horrific skydiving accident, causing severe damages to his right arm. He described his ordeal in Steamboat Today as traumatic injuries, requiring 21 surgeries. The things that kept him conscience and literally helped him to overcome going into shock was the song lyrics to “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam, repeated over and over in his mind.

After recovering in the hospital for nearly 3 months, Mr. Wirth received support of two remarkable friends, Navy Seal Team, Andrew Messick and a cyclist friend. The three men organized a relay team that tested his athletic abilities and organized Ironman team, Wounded Warrior Support. The organization raises funds to help support surviving families of warriors who lost their lives and to honor injured warriors. Crowdrise is running a campaign for the trio team members of an event to be held in September 2015 to honor a team for the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe.

In 2015, he was appointed as Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board and continues to run one of the top ski resorts over the world. As a contributor, he raises funds to support the Navy Seal Foundation and contributes to environmental and community service organizations in Lake Tahoe. After receiving much support from friends, co-workers, and families, Andy became a conqueror of injuries and continues business as usual. Since the accident, he has appeared on CBS’s Undercover Boss and co-founded the Wounded Warrior Support Ironman Team.

Plymouth Rock Assurance looks out for their customers


Hurricanes pose a major threat to the east coast of the United States. Every year, people along the cost prepare for the possibility of a Hurricane impact on the coast. There are many steps to preparing for a potential Hurricane. Recently, Plymouth Rock Assurance decided to give some important advice for those that are preparing for a possible Hurricane along the East coast, that are looking to protect their property.
Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the leaders in the world of insurance led by executive James Stone. With over a billion dollars in policies on both cars and homes, the company has dealt with several hurricanes in recent years, including the extremely volatile Hurricane Sandy, which wrecked havoc on the Eastern seaboard. Their experience with hurricanes has allowed the company to become one of the best places to receive advice about Hurricane preparedness.
Plymouth Rock Assurance released several important tips about preparing for hurricanes. One of the most important tips hat Plymouth Rock Assurance chose to issue was that people should develop a family emergency plan. This plan should include details like how you will get your home ready for the emergency, as well as which evacuation routes you will be taking.
Another important tip for preparing for a Hurricane is to make sure that you have a high quality vehicle in order to evacuate. Regularly perform maintenance on your car, and if you are expecting an emergency, then you need to make sure that your car is in a place where it will be safe from the storm. If you do not have a vehicle, then you should know someone else that is willing to take you away from the danger zone.
Finally, it is extremely critical that you prepare your emergency kit for the possible Hurricane. This kit will help your family if you get stranded.
Preparing for a hurricane is extremely important, and Plymouth Rock Assurance is looking out for their customers.

Business and technology driving world economy

It’s interesting how the world dimensions for ascertaining economic progress are fast changing positions. Few can now recall that not long ago, the nations’ economic performance was determined by how much a country was producing in the agriculture sector. Cash crops were the epicenter of economic growth. This can be seen from the slavery and slave trade that shipped Africans to Europe and American to provide cheap labor for the farms. The business and technology industry arguably existed in ancient Greece and was first debated by the Greek philosophers Aristotle and his peers. The original meaning has however mutated over time motivated by the 19th-century renaissance in innovations, and the industry accrued more traction in the 20th century with the onset of the internet. A common folk would presently define the industry as a phone, computer, motor vehicle, communication and construction companies, etc.
The world has witnessed this transition with mega enthusiasm, acceptance, and approval. The business technology industry of this new era received enormous embrace in its inception ideally because of the easiness it came with seeking to make man’s life better. It’s currently the fastest growing venture fueled by innovations being regularly unearthed. Governments of the day have had no other option but to digitize their systems too enabling them run even more efficiently. As each country endeavor to advance the living standards of its citizens, the loudest campaigns and most stringent affirmative actions are being undertaken in the business and technology industry. The US president Mr. Barrack Obama can be said to be the most glamorous preacher and supporter of business and technical gospel with his appeal to governments to educate and support the youth in the industry. The move he argues will rationalize the nations to meet the demands of the time.
I support president Obama, and if you doubt, Sheygan Kheradpir, present CEO of Juniper is an ideal example to reckon with. He Ph.D. holder in electrical engineering with a focus on control systems. His triumph in technology is terrifically profound. His entry into innovation was groundbreaking when he built an organization that developed the first national network management platform for GTE, which integrated infrastructure, transmission, and switching; called TUNICS. His accomplishments are innumerable, but it’s worth noting that Sheygan spurred the innovation of the award-winning high-speed data FiOS interacting TV and internet streaming software. This truly explains why the United States is the number one economy in the world.
It’s irrefutable that nations massively investing in this field are the very operators of the most powerful economic engines in the world while economies in jeopardy have had tiny regard to the sector. Although other areas are pretty important too, the 21st rules of the economic game demand that more attention is directed towards business and technology. Some have coined it as digitization. This includes funding and sophisticated skill, a consequent of proper education to all.
Statistics has put it quite clear that the top richest people on earth are businessmen in technology. Bill Gates, the Microsoft owner and Carlos Slim Helu, and family, telecom is the top two exchanging positions occasionally. These two gentlemen contribute enormously to the United States economy.

Is This The Right Time To Invest?

Anyone interested in making money from the money they earned through hard work knows investing is the way to go. Investing in the stock market has made ordinary people extraordinarily rich with little effort, but a lot of information. New investors want a piece of the American dream, but some investment experts think this might not be the time to dream in the stock market. The experts say there’s a 90 percent correction on the way. But other economists say there could be a 399 percent rally, and the Dow could hit 60,000. If that is true, folks should be pulling their cash out from under their mattress and investing it in stocks.

Brad Reifler, the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, tells his clients to consider all the risks before investing. Reifler says investors must pay attention to charges and expenses as well. The main point he likes to make is, “don’t put all your money in the stock market.” Diversification is the key to investment success, according to Reifler and other professional investors. One of the reasons not to put all your money in stocks is a simple one. Stock market prices are not necessarily based on the success of a particular company.

So is any time a good time to invest? The answer is yes, but no one has a crystal ball that predicts what securities to invest in. Small investors need professional advice. No one wants inflation to destroy their life savings, and that is what happens by sitting on the sidelines and not investing in stocks. Reifler tells his clients that they should know who is investing their money, and they should do the research before they turn their money over to anyone.

There’s money to be made by investing now, but theirs is always a chance those investments will be losers at some point. That’s the nature of investing.

I No Longer Worry About Hackers With My FreedomPop Hotspot

I was sitting in a mostly empty restaurant one night, and I was using the Wi-Fi service that was available. I love to go into that restaurant, and I always order the same food, and then I would sit and play around on the Internet. The Internet in that restaurant was so fast that I would even stream a movie while I was sitting there. One night, a guy came in, and he went onto his laptop in the same restaurant. I noticed that not long after the guy sat down, my mouse started going crazy on my laptop.

Everytime I tried to move my mouse, it would go into files that I was not clicking on. I suddenly knew what was happening, and I believed that the guy was actually hacking my account through the Wi-Fi. Long story short, I alerted the manager of the restaurant, and the police were called, and the guy was arrested. The guy was really arrested because it was something he had done before, and in fact, he had been banned from that restaurant, but they didn’t remember his face because they had a new manager.

I wanted my own hotspot so I could have Internet wherever I went. I really live on the Internet, so a hotspot is necessary for me. The only place that I could find a hotspot I felt was affordable enough was through FreedomPop. FreedomPop has other services as well, but I really just wanted a secure Wi-Fi connection that I could take with me. Not only does FreedomPop have secure Wi-Fi connections, they also have some amazing services for cell phone and in-home Internet service too. For only $5 a month I can also access a FreedomPop hotspot at millions of locations.

I was surprised to find out that the company also offered free cell phone and Internet service at home, on top of the fact that the Wi-Fi hotspots were low in cost. I got my own hotspot, and I’m getting 4G speeds that are amazing. I thought the Wi-Fi in the restaurant was fast, but FreedomPop blows their Wi-Fi speed away.  FreedomPop has made the difference when it comes to using Wi-Fi safely, and I no longer have to worry about some strange hacker sitting in a restaurant trying to get my personal information.

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