Is This The Right Time To Invest?

Anyone interested in making money from the money they earned through hard work knows investing is the way to go. Investing in the stock market has made ordinary people extraordinarily rich with little effort, but a lot of information. New investors want a piece of the American dream, but some investment experts think this might not be the time to dream in the stock market. The experts say there’s a 90 percent correction on the way. But other economists say there could be a 399 percent rally, and the Dow could hit 60,000. If that is true, folks should be pulling their cash out from under their mattress and investing it in stocks.

Brad Reifler, the Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, tells his clients to consider all the risks before investing. Reifler says investors must pay attention to charges and expenses as well. The main point he likes to make is, “don’t put all your money in the stock market.” Diversification is the key to investment success, according to Reifler and other professional investors. One of the reasons not to put all your money in stocks is a simple one. Stock market prices are not necessarily based on the success of a particular company.

So is any time a good time to invest? The answer is yes, but no one has a crystal ball that predicts what securities to invest in. Small investors need professional advice. No one wants inflation to destroy their life savings, and that is what happens by sitting on the sidelines and not investing in stocks. Reifler tells his clients that they should know who is investing their money, and they should do the research before they turn their money over to anyone.

There’s money to be made by investing now, but theirs is always a chance those investments will be losers at some point. That’s the nature of investing.

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