Flipora is Changing Social Browsing Forever

Social media connects people all over the planet with the tap of a button and the blink of an eye. Kids in Chicago can talk to kids in Kyoto and nobody is surprised by this anymore. Social media has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade with Facebook making the biggest splash as almost anyone with an internet connection is now registered. With social media so saturated in our lives it has come to the point that new companies have to try to revolutionize and it is there that Flipora is making their case as the next big thing.

Flipora is a social browsing extension not unlike StumbleUpon. You install Flipora into your browser and it passively collects and logs data from your browsing habits. If you want to turn off the browser for private searching then you can do that with the click of a button. When Flipora is on and sharing data it is sent up to the cloud and compiled anonymously with every other user that is a part of the social media browser.

The Discovery Engine is likely going to be the next big internet ‘thing’. Right now we have as much information as we want at our finger tips but the catch is that we need to know how to look for it. If you don’t know a particular URL or string of search terms then you will miss out on content you didn’t even know you wanted. The Discovery Engine aims to put content in front of you that you would otherwise likely not find. It is in this way that users connect in a passive way through their mutual interests.

While you may not have heard of Flipora as of this writing, there are many people who have. The social media browser is turning into a giant and is now growing by over 150,000 users every single week. With that many users coming in to the fold the company, formerly known as InfoAxe, is logging millions of pages of data every single day. On a typical day Flipora will index enough data to fill up Wikipedia 4 – 8 times! This is obviously a staggering amount of data but the team at Flipora has it well under control.

Flipora firmly believes that aggregating anonymized browsing data is likely the most important aspect of the next generation of social media engagement. Right now users are fawning over the engine and as a result the brand is growing in a meteoric and capable fashion.

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  1. From there the cloud will compare your browser history with other likeminded people and then spit out pages that are of interest to you. Flipora calls this the Discovery Engine. This may also be a call of attention for http://www.redshiftproductions.org/ that could lead to making things go very fine for them all the time.

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