Unforgettable Styling with Lime Crime

When I was a child, I can remember watching my mom work at her sewing table. She believed that money could be saved if we made as many of our clothes as possible. Mom was a talented seamstress. Not only did she buy patterns, she often combined them or drew original ones. My friends at school admired my stylish and one-of-a-kind outfits. I learned how to accessorize my clothes on a tight budget.

Fortunately, I learned all I could about sewing from my mother. I started out making doll clothes from the material scraps in her sewing box and got the hang of basic stitching. Dad found me an excellent sewing machine at a flea market, and I set up my work next to Mom.

Not only did Mom sew for her family, but she also did work for other people in the neighborhood. A lot of mothers were working outside of the home now and brought their sewing chores to Mom and me. We would hem pants and dresses, make things smaller, or let out seams to make them larger. Occasionally, we would have to make bridesmaids’ dresses for a whole bridal party. It was a lot of work, but we loved it.

I continued my love for sewing after high school. Mom had taught me a lot about drawing my own patterns, and I decided to go to design school. It was the best decision I have ever made. I met a lot of like-minded people who were interested in creating original designs. My teachers were excellent and helped me build on the solid foundation that my mother had given to me.

My dad told me years ago that his great-grandmother was a popular milliner in Chicago. She had a little storefront shop on the East end and had many well-to-do clients. No wonder fashion was so ingrained in my spirit. While I was in design school, I started making accessories to match the outfits I designed. I liked to make clothes that stood out from other designs.

I used colors that popped and wanted to find makeup that did the same thing. My wishes were granted when I found a line of trendy cosmetics called Lime Crime on tumblr. It was amazing to find the bright, luminous colors that I never could find in stores. Another fascinating thing was that Lime Crime’s creator, Doe Deere, is also a fashion designer and created richly-hued makeup and nail polish for her creations. I order whatever I want online, and it is shipped to my office. My clients love that I can design custom outfits and accessories for them. Thanks to Lime Crime, I can also recommend makeup colors that will truly enhance the design memorable.

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