Yeon-mi Park, The Human Right Activist

Yeonmi Park is actually believed to have been born in Hyesan, which is located in North Korea. Currently, she is a junior at the Dongguk University which is located in Seoul. In the university, she mainly majors in matters concerning Criminal Justice.

Yeonmi has featured and published in several different papers newspapers. Some of the papers include; the Washington Post,the Voice of America, the Radio Free Asia, in the BBC2,the SBS Insight among many others

Park is always a regular visitor in the South Korean TV on which is known as Now On My Way to Meet You.this is a program that is known for its attempts to bridge the existing gap between the North and the South Koreans.

Yeomni Park is also a Media Fellowat the famous Freedom Factory Co. Ltd. Her tv appearances do not end here, as she is also a co-host in the English-language TV podcast Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show. She is a recognized volunteer with the Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights, and also in the and is the Ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees program which offer support to different needy individuals in korea.

Park is actually a young girl who is believed to have run away from North Korea. Last year, she told the BBC about the kind of violence and food starvation she went through when she was living there.

During her stay in North Korea, Yeonmi Park went through a lot of difficult situations. She actually witnessed horrifying bloody executions she was sometimes forced to take grass and even insects for food so that she could survive. At 13 years of age, her family fled to China in their quest to search and get a better life. Unfortunately, her mother was brutally tortured and raped in her efforts to guard her children.

Currently, at 21-year Yeomni lives in South Korea, but she travels all over the world, trying to create and raise awareness about the North Korean regime, which many people find very repressive.Just recently, she shared some of this painful memories with the BBC’s Lucy Hockings.

As time goes by, the beautiful Yeon-mi continues to seriously work hard on her book, and also trys to speak out so that freedom in North Korea can be achieved.

During the Human Rights Day last year in December, Yeon-mi actually appeared in a great panel in the United States of America State Department, together with outspoken defector known as Joseph Kim.

During public forums, Kim has always tried telling people how he actually saw hisown father withering and dying from lack of food, how the sister actually disappeared while his own mother abandoned them at home. He survived in the streets, looking for breed anywhere he could find it. According to Kim, hunger is the worst thing that can happen to everyone, it is humiliating, and brings a lot of helplessness.

Kim’s story illustrates how difficult and desperate the situation life in North Korea is, and just how much the women in the country suffered and made tough decisions.

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  1. I believe that in the past at least one person I know would have known about Park in the work that she has created in the world through radio. The effect is shown by and it is very likely to cause more awareness with the ways the Internet creates interactions in this cases. Similar things have shown the benefits that we see in the media today happen in very positive results coming from it.

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