Sergio Cortes: The Master Michael Jackson Impersonator

Elvis Presley is unquestionably the most impersonated man on the planet. However, the late King of Pop might run a close second to the King of Rock and Roll. Since his tragic and untimely death in 2009, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has increased dramatically. From this large group, one person has risen above the rest and is widely regarded as the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator of them all. Sergio Cortes is his name.

In 1971, Cortes was born in Spain. He currently lives in Barcelona and performs around that city on a regular basis. Over the course of his career impersonating one of the most famous musicians of all time, he has gained a large audience of loyal followers around the world, particularly in Brazil. His uncanny physical resemblance to Jackson, along with the incredible vocal similarity, have made him one of the most popular impersonators in the world. Cortes has been impersonating Jackson since he was in his teens. However, he held other odd jobs and never seriously thought about making a full-time living as a Michael Jackson impersonator until 2012. This was the year that Cortes was asked to host a tribute to Michael Jackson that was held in Madrid. It was not long before word of his amazing impersonation started to be discussed on social media. Television stations and entertainment publications sought interviews with him. It was at that point that Cortes realized he could probably make a very good living with his unique talent.

Of course, the real Michael Jackson’s talent went far beyond singing. He was also a renowned dancer. This meant that if Cortes was going to be believable as the King of Pop, he would need to be able to perfectly mimic Jackson’s dance moves as well. Cortes took dance lessons to hone his craft to perfection. He worked hard to memorize the choreography of some of Jackson’s most famous videos. All of his hard work has paid off. If you see Cortes perform, you will see an entertainer that truly loves his craft as much as the legendary performer he is paying tribute to.

Although younger audiences today will never get to see the real Michael Jackson perform, Sergio Cortes is clearly the next best thing. In fact, many people who were fortunate to see the real Jackson perform often remark how difficult it is to tell Cortes from the genuine article.

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