Sergio Cortés: His Imitation Is His Love Letter To His Hero Michael Jackson

In today’s society, it’s hard to dedicate yourself to something that you truly love. It’s even more difficult to be in an occupation where you receive the adoration of thousands of people. To receive both of these thing at the same time is a true miracle in itself.

Sergio Cortés has been blessed with the opportunity to not only do what he loves, but received worldwide recognition for it. For years, he is been known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. His story is unique and a testament to his tenacity in emulating his childhood hero. Cortés vividly remembers seeing Michael Jackson for the first time when Jackson was just five years old, and a member of the world-famous singing group, the Jackson Five.

Sergio remembers watching the showman dance and sing on stage with his brothers, and he was enthralled by the showmanship of the young Jackson. Soon after, he began to imitate him, much to the delight of his friends and family. He believed that if he could bring the people closest to him that much joy, he could also portray Michael Jackson and make even more people happy.

This set Cortés on a mission. He watched as many Michael Jackson videos as he could get his hands on, taking in all the different mannerisms of the King of Pop. But it was a chance encounter with a photographer that set Sergio on a course to worldwide fame and fortune.

A photographer caught sight of Sergio one day while he was walking through his town. The photographer was absolutely floored with the resemblance of Sergio to Michael Jackson, and asked him if he could take a photo for his local newspaper. Sergio agreed, the photo was taken, and the next day, a huge groundswell of interest began. People wanted to know who this person was who looked exactly like Michael Jackson.

Before long, Sergio was receiving all sorts of offers for work from various agents. He took up some of the offers to do Michael Jackson impersonator shows. And from there his career took off. Every year, he gains more fans, and does shows and concerts as a tribute to his hero all over the world.

Individuals still can’t take in the fact that the person standing in front of them is not Michael Jackson. Some are greatly moved by just being next to Cortés, and treat him like the rockstar that Michael Jackson actually was. He intends to continue on with his career, even though it has been tough at times to receive the same type of recognition as one of the greatest pop stars of our time.

With years of work under his belt, and a wide display of talent to show the rest of the world, Sergio Cortés has become well known and performs for millions of people all over the world. To become a world-famous celebrity and doing what he loves is the culmination of his ultimate dream.

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  1. Although people may have their own critique about the work of the person of Cortes but I think it is courageous of him. How to be smart is not easy at all like they say copying is not easy. But by being smart, I think that will help to share the interest well. Because of the passion that he brings into his act, I think the fans will get to support him.

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