Who Is Sergio Cortes? How Has He Become A Huge Viral Sensation?

Sergio Cortes has become quite a unique viral hit over the past few years. His performances in the past have become a YouTube hit simply because of how well this young guy is changing the world of MJ fans in the whole entire world. Sergio is just a regular young guy who is taking the world by storm by becoming the best MJ impersonator in the world today. His simplicity with how he approaches this role is what has helped him become such a real professional in the industry. He has become a huge viral hit for a single reason; he knows how to bring this legend to life on stage.

Sergio’s dancing, singing, and almost uncanny MJ facial features in combination with the stage, lights, and the special effects all bring together a lifelike Michael Jackson on stage like never before. After people have uploaded several videos of him on YouTube, he has become quite the successful viral hit. He has even built a huge following on Twitter, and he uses it as a place to share inspiration and information about his shows and performances. He continues to perform in any place he can to bring MJ to life. Whether it’s in Italy or in any place in South America, this guy is becoming a world star.

His following is now beginning to blossom in so many ways, as he hopes to one day have a world tour where he takes his team to a new stage and brings MJ’s most iconic music to more cities, states, and countries.

Sergio has a Mother who truly helped him discover his love for the legend of pop. She literally taught him and showed him how to become this amazing singer. He developed the skills and ability to literally mimic everything from the hand gestures to the way Michael sings, and it has become one unique gift of his to bring this amazing legend of pop to life in his own unique way on stage.

Impersonators are very talented people are practically give the gift as they mature.

They can either look like themselves or look like a completely famous person, and it’s put of them to decide if they want to become that person for money or not. The industry can be lucrative, especially for somebody like Sergio who is making a good amount of money posing for pictures, performing in shows, and also being flown to other places for shows as Michael Jackson.

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