Michael Jackson Impersonator – Sergio Cortes – How does he look like Michael?

It’s not everyday you get to see a huge celebrity in the flesh and right in fromt of your eyes. Oftentimes, it’s only because most may struggle with the problem regarding not living near the celebrity. For others, it can mean never seeing a famous icon because they left the world too early. This impersonator is entirely one of have most iconic pop legends of all time. Mostly known for his amazing voice, creative dancing, and his charismatic performances, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities mimic the way this singer performs.

How does he look like Michael?

Not only is his charisma and do performance skills on point, the one thing that really separates him from the other performers just like him is that he looks strikingly just like Michael himself down to the most intricate of details. Others have explained concern as to how he looks just like Michael, and in a way where it doesn’t took fake or it was surgically achieved. No word has been spoken about any types of surgeries he has received, but one thing is clear, he looks just like Michael and other people don’t know how he did it.

Sergio Cortes naturally looks like Michael, but it’s the way he applies makeup on his face that really add that unique approach. The only scary part is that his nose and even the tiny features are almost exactly like Michael’s, and this is what has helped him look so authentic in the eyes of people. While his makeup does wonders, the natural way of how he looks is what sets him apart from the rest. He is constantly improving his makeup skills and how be looks at people to give that added effect that he is Michael Jackson.

The interesting thing about him is that his Mother was always a huge fan of Michael, and her love for the singer probably fell right into the laps of her son who took to Michael’s dance moves and singing voice fairly quickly. It was almost like he was destined to become Michael Jackson. He hopes to have a world tour up his sleeve very soon, and he knows that his knowledge and experience can take him very far in this world of music. He continues to tour and gain fans via YouTube, along with a huge following on Twitter, but only time will tell before he becomes this huge star.

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