A Sneak Peek into Investment Banking and James Dondero

Investment banking is a complex sector of economics, and it has been in existence for a while now. An investment bank is a financial corporation that aids in raising cash for the government, people and companies. It does this through a number of ways – together or separately. One method is through the substitution of the client in the issuance of the security. The other one is through acting as the underwriter.

The United States divides securities into various categories, and each category contains its own subcategories. Debt securities are majorly comprised of elements such as bonds, banknotes and debentures. The others are common stocks that are a kind of corporate equity. Lastly, there are derivatives that are broken into more intricate economic concept and terms such as futures, swaps, forwards and options.

Each one country possesses its own distinct definition of a security, but the issuer remains the same for all countries. The issuer remains constant, and it is who the investment banks directly deal with. Securities are the traditional and most common methods for new corporations or companies to raise capital, and investment banks come in handy since they have the knowledge and experience of ensuring this does happen. Securities are far much better alternatives to bank loans, hence the best choice for governments since they often require higher debt ceiling rose so that they can issue securities. Investment banks handle such like transactions due to their vast experience and capability.

By underwriting the bank or giving insurance, the bank will either acknowledge responsibility for complete or partial loss, or it will guarantee payment to the clients in case there are losses. Investment banks carry out all this through the raising of cash from several investors for whatever corporation or company they are in lieu of, as a result, investment banks would be forced to cover any losses through taking care of investors instead of getting it from the pocket of the corporation or company.

The other phase of it is that the investment banks will have to come up with whatever amount of cash the clients require if they are capable of raising the required cash from the investors it requires. The advantage of the aforementioned is the sharing of the profits of the company as well as having exclusive sales agreements. This is a very good transaction taking into account how investment bankers carefully choose their clients, and they have a good notion of what will eventually be successful.

James Dondero is quite knowledgeable in the field of investment banking. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He possesses over 30 years expertise in the financial institution having worked for prominent names as American Express. When he was employed at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, he steered the raising of $2 billion and managed it.

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