The Magic of Impersonation: Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson Expert

Consider this. A single song that is five minutes long on the radio has quite a bit which goes behind it. The lyrics themselves can take an hour or two to come up with. The musical progression can take minutes or years. Let’s assume it takes three hours to come up with a melody, and three hours to come up with lyrics. Once those are combined, then it will necessarily take several hours to compile those things into a cohesive unit. You’re looking at an entire day’s worth of work. Now that song needs to be learned so well it can be regularly performed without error. This is going to take a solid week of man-hours in practice. Now in addition to that song, imagine that there is dancing which is involved, and must be finely choreographed with an entire group of performers. Now you’re looking at another week’s work. Caveat: that’s all for the original authorship of the song. But then imagine the writer and dancer of that song has died, and there is still demand for his work. If you look like the performer, you may even be able to get a piece of that performance pie! Should be a snap, right?

Wrong. Performance art is difficult enough; but impersonation work requires not only being able to cogently perform the songs the performer could, but to perform those songs so well you actually fool an audience of fans. This means there can be no deviation from the script. In many ways, impersonation is much more difficult than actual creation. So it is duly impressive when one considers that celebrity lookalike Sergio Cortes doesn’t just have the same facial features of Michael Jackson without the plastic surgery, but also can sing in the exceptionally high pitches Michael sang in, and dance the same dances Michael danced. That takes profound dedication and discipline. Michael Jackson was no lazy performer! He gave it his all every time, and Sergio Cortes does as well.

Sergio Cortes is such an effective performer that many foreign audiences who don’t realize Michael Jackson passed on actually mistake Sergio for Michael himself.

Impersonation isn’t easy, or natural. Sergio Cortes does the absolutely impossible: he makes it seem both easy and natural. If you didn’t get to see MJ before he died, check out Sergio Cortes. Many say he’s so good, you forget you’re watching an impersonator.

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