The Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a twenty one year old lady who has become globally prominent. She is a human rights activist who is the voice of the oppressed people in North Korea as well as from other parts of the world. The North Korean defector has inspired many freedom loving individuals with her story. She advocates human trafficking victims and hopes to promote human rights around the globe and especially in North Korea. She comes from an educated family that had political connections in North Korea. She gained her prominence during the One Young World 2014 summit where she delivered a speech. The summit is a platform where young people from all around the world gather to find solutions to the issues being faced in the world. During the summit, Yeonmi Park narrated her experience where she and her family escaped from North Korea.

Her father was a civil servant who was part of the ruling Workers’ party at Hyesan whereas her mother was a nurse for the North Korean military army. Her father was later imprisoned for alleged participation in illegal trade. Yeonmi explains that after watching a pirated DVD of the Titanic, she realized that North Korean government was oppressing its citizens. She and her family later defected to China in 2007 where she settled in Seoul, South Korea. She is set to prove that her father died in China while receiving cancer treatment and not in North Korea. She elaborates that after her father was released from prison, she and her mother defected to China and her father later on defected in October 2007. She has refuted claims that her father died in North Korea and she plans to prove this by retrieving the remains of her father which she claims are in China and having the DNA tested. She also plans to meet with the doctors who treated her father in Chinese Hospital.

Yeonmi claims that there are approximately ten defectors who lived together with her family and they defected to South Korea. She and her family were unable to mourn the death of her father as they feared they would be discovered by the Chinese government. There was no funereal but they buried his remains in the ground near a mountain. They were able to settle in China without the detection of the authority due to the large population of Koreans living in China. The family faced major difficulties while trying to settle in South Korea but they were able to find employment. Yeonmi was also able to continue with her education where she attended Dongguk University in Seoul. She has even gone ahead to write a book and has publicly narrated her story about her life in North Korea. She has since then been inspired to be the face of the oppressed as she knows the struggles that they go through. She participates in activist programs including Freedom Factory Corporation and is a member of the Liberty in North Korea. This has earned her recognition from all over the world.

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