Slyce Makes New Waves For Consumers To Save Time

Slyce Redefines The Shopping Experience

The shopping experience, especially during the holidays, can be exhausting at best. We are used to standing in long lines, talking with sales people and engaging with strangers that are just trying to finish shopping and go home to see their families. The idea of window shopping sounds great, and it has been something that we, as a society, have been discussing for some time now. Then, with technology evolving and readily available at the palm of our hands we are able to engage in a shopping experience that is unique and easily accomplished. With Slyce’s image recognition and visual search software, the shopping experience is less of a hassle. It is an engaging shopping experience, too. They make it so we can just take a picture of something we want to purchase, and we can get it sent to our homes or businesses. This can be something we see in a store, something we see in a window display, or it can be something that one of our friends has in their home. Imagine seeing a new cutlery set that you wish to purchase. Your friend just bought it, and you want one too. Instead of going to the mall, you get to purchase it right then and there.

New Changes To Slyce

Slyce has recently acquired a company called Snip Snap. Snip Snap offers a product called Scout, which accesses images taken from the users’ cameras. It uses these images to search online results, of course. At the same time it does something incredible for the shopping experience. The user is connected with a representative of the company that is a personal shopper on the virtual level. The representative searches for the image and product. They come up with their own suggestions, which helps the user get the product their deserve. Slyce is redefining the shopping experience for us all.

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