Jon Urbana Brings Artistic Life To His Business Success

Business success can affect people in many different ways, including allowing the successful person to a more artistic way of living their lives. Jon Urbana has seen the success he has achieved as a businessperson and sports standout to allow him to develop a number of passions he maintains and highlights on his Twitter account and Tumblr blog. Urbana has spent his career as a businessperson developing a number of companies and brands, including the Ellipse USA and Next Level Lacrosse companies.

The work of Jon Urbana has seen the business and community programs he has developed achieve a large amount of success, including the successful lacrosse camps that have become a staple of the Denver summertimes. The aim of the Next Level Lacrosse camp is to develop the next generation of players who will be better equipped to step up to playing at the college level and beyond. Urbana is also an active participant in the local community, for which he has organized a series of programs funded through donations made via Internet crowd funding drives.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The work of Jon Urbana has taken up a large amount of his time, but the entrepreneur has been expanding his horizons in recent years to push forward the artistic side of his personality. Photography has become something of a passion for Jon Urbana who has developed a niche within the nature and food photography fields, which he has seen his work become popular on his Medium blog.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Although the arts play an important role in the life of Jon Urbana his skills extend to the aviation industry. As a pilot Jon Urbana has completed many hours of education and training to be added to the Airmen Certification Database, Urbana’s many hours of flying time have been recognized with his appointment to this list.