Sales in Healthy, Premium Dog Food Increase

For years now, companies have been combining premium meats like salmon and lamb in their pet food, so that owners will have grain-free, organic meal options for their dogs. Companies who are known for their pet foods are also enhancing their marketing efforts to compete with newer companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet Co. Purina has also introduced the Beneful line, which is filled with healthy, natural ingredients that help dogs maintain shiny coats and healthy organs.

Dog food companies are starting to adopt and “eat like your owner” philosophy when it comes to the new foods that are on the market these days. The United States, the sales of premium dog food has increased by 45 percent, to $10.5 billion, since 2009. Blue Buffalo was one of the first dog food companies to sell both canned foods and kibble that features a mixture of whole grains, vegetables and fruits with Rover’s chicken and lamb. The company went public with its ingredients over the summer, and is expected to make more than $1 billion in sales this year.

Larger pet food companies are responding to this with more updates to their products. This summer, Merrick Pet Care was purchased by Purina. Merrick is the first producer of wet and dry dog food that is certified organic. The acquisition was made public just a few months after Merrick debuted its Backcountry line of dog food. Recipes from the line include Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

There are also specialty pet foods for senior dogs. Purina offers a Bright Minds line, which has recipes that are made with medium-chain triglycerides, which is fat from coconut oil. This fat is said to be ideal for senior dogs to metabolize, and provides more energy for older pets. Beneful also offers a variety of wet and dry foods for dogs of all ages, as well as Baked Delights that include all the foods dogs love, including bacon, peanut butter, cheese and beef.

Although Beneful offers a number of healthy options and wholesome ingredients that owners will feel good about feeding their dogs, using fresh meat, particularly beef and chicken, and be costly. For instance, Freshpet, has lost around 50% of its value in this year alone. It is also very likely that more than half of the company’s float is in the hands of short sellers who predict that the company’s stock will fall, according to Bloomberg.

Freshpet does, however, state that the company will make a significant profit in the year 2016. After all, most people who are health-conscious will want to share their knowledge of whole foods with their families, and will also treat their dogs like family.



Health Trends Affecting Dog Food Choices

Healthy is bringing a surge of sales for dog food manufacturers. Whole grains, fresh vegetables and even a fruit or two are making their way into new formulas that are meant to promote better health for your dog. This surge in sales is also attributed to healthier habits by pet owners. They want their dog to feel as good as they do.

Farm fresh produce is being freeze dried at their peak of taste to ensure the best foods for dogs at all stages of life. Bringing food home straight from the farm is no longer something that only people can benefit from.

Pet food owners are also seeing that feeding their dog can be optimized by formulating a product to meet their dog’s specific needs. Purina dog food, which also generates the Beneful brand have developed a website that pet owners can use to do just that.

Beneful helps pet owners in developing a product that is unique to the needs of their dogs. Choosing activity levels and nutritional needs help to make the best food possible for your dog. Beneful also offers a number of premixed formulas that make good nutrition and healthy choices easy.

What is for sure is that Beneful dog food makers need to enhance their offerings in order to compete with the premium specialty dog food makers. Fresher is better, and innovative is best. While the run of the mill dog food stays the same, the premium makers are bringing people food tastes to the table for dogs.

Such tastes as lamb, chicken, duck jerky, and beef burgers are all being brought to your pet’s dish. These are coming to the stores with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no destructive chemicals added. This means that your dog gets the freshest options and the tastes that they crave.

As the premium dog food companies continue to offer fresher, tastier foods for dogs the other companies will have to step up their products and offer what will garner sales.




A New Trend In Dog Food Has Arrived

It’s nice to know that manufacturers are tasting the dog food they produce. We have tasted our dogs’ food for decades. If we say it tastes good, then we will serve it to our four legged family members. People may not eat a daily regimen of healthy foods, but we want our beloved pet to eat well every single time and that includes their snacks. Some of the companies have added probiotics to keep the dogs’ digestive system working properly. The manufactures’ has realized what owners have wanted for their pets and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to produce healthy and tasty meals. The meals the companies are manufacturing taste like ours right from the table. This is what our pets love. The taste of our human prepared food. Purina Store’s Beneful uses fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish and fortifies the food with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The company has added antioxidants to keep the food from spoiling during its shelf life. Snacks have been designed to keep the pooches’ breath fresh and their teeth and gums clean. All of their food helps to produce a healthy and shiny coat. Beneful dog food by Purina covers the age range from puppies, to the adult dogs and the mature dogs. Puppy food is made to build strong bones, healthy teeth, sharp eyesight and help the brain to develop correctly. When your dog is overweight there is food to help them reach and maintain a healthy weight for all the different breeds. Beneful has food for the mature dogs to give them more energy. The employees who give the “green light” on the ingredients are dog owners and feed their pets Beneful Dog Food. The Pet and Animal Nutritionists, Quality Control on-site testing teams and a host of others are the experts who make Beneful a high end quality dog food.

A New Dawn In Video Visitation Technology Brought By Securus Technologies

When video visitation technology was launched, many people praised Securus Technologies engineering team for such a great tool. This video visitation technology was compatible with computers and laptop. This meant a lot to their customers at that time; there no longer going to be long travels to the prison to see their family and friend during official visitation days. The customers could just go to their computer and video visit their incarcerated friend or family, thus saving money and time. This technology also meant that you could easily see your family or friend locked away anytime you wanted, all you had to do was to book a video visitation space. For a long time, people have been using inmate phone calls, and the voice only connection was never enough. Video visitation seemed to have sealed the deal. Many people went ahead to acquire computers and laptops to use this service. With time people got used to the computer video visitation and appreciated it though it had limitations they demanded that Securus Technologies do more on the limitations of the service. A call which the company honored.

Then technology improved and smartphones were introduced to the market. The smartphone was a big hit the American consumer market and everyone went ahead to acquire one of them. The smartphone had many advantages on it as you could carry it around with you. On top of this it had video calling capabilities, and just like the computer anyone could utilize this platform to make a video calling application. Securus Technologies took some time to perfect their inmate communication products and finally they have delivered – A new mobile video visitation application. To make it more accessible, they have made it in two versions; an Android application for Android operating system phones and an Apple application for smartphones like iPhones which utilize the Apple operating system. The Android application can be downloaded from Google play store while the Apple application can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Securus Technologies have been coming up with new innovations every time and better forms of their previous more than 800 security products. The innovative predecessor of the video visitation mobile phone application is the patented THREAD 3.1 software. This software is an operating system that has been upgraded from the previous version. This software is mainly used for large-scale security solution like correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This software offers a platform for different security tools like CCTVs, motion sensors, voice recorders and video recorders to be integrated into. This new upgrade is more complex and offers a wide variety of user options and tools.

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