I Am Encouraged By My Application To The Spark Tank

The Spark Tank is quite an innovative project that offers $5000 awards to businesses like mine. I am attempting to push through social change in my community with aid of children who frequent out center. This article explains how I filed my first application for funding, and I explain what I believe the Spark Tank can do for all of us. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

#1: I Learned About Mark Sparks Online

Mark Sparks is a social media executive who has worked for a few companies, and I was impressed to find out that he wants to do much more than offer us money. He plans to help us be seen in as many places as possible online, and I am quite excited about any press I will receive when we are featured on the Spark Tank website. I will be forever grateful to Mark for simply putting on his site.

#2: What Is The Spark Tank?

According to Goodread, the Spark Tank is the funding initiative that Mark Sparks created for people like me. I understands that there are quite a few companies such as mine, and we may do quite a lot with the funds we are awarded. $5000 will serve us well, and I am hoping against all hope that we will receive an award one day. I have been fortunate enough to schedule a meeting to speak to Mark, and I have been told he will offer us as much mentorship as he can.

#3: How Many Companies Benefit?

There are companies all around our country that will benefit from funding at the Spark Tank. I know that I am not the only person who submitted an application, but I believe that everyone who is awarded money will do good in the world. Mark is focused on companies that help people, and I enjoy seeing people receive the aid they require.

The Spark Tank is one funding avenue for our company, and I was pleased to submit my application. Funding and support from a social media guru such as Mark Sparks would mean a lot to us.