Global logistics leader IAP Worldwide acquires new businesses

According to recent news, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired two companies in a bid to increase growth within the company. IAP Worldwide services is the leading provider of global level logistics, technical ministration and elite professional and management facilities. The company bought DRS Corporation, Aviation & Logistics and the Tactical Communications companies. The acquisition is part of a long term strategy to expand IAP Worldwide Services to offer additional engineering and aviation services.

DRS is located in Oklahoma City, the company largely provides management and repair for aircraft parts. It further offers mission support services and logistics for the government on The Tactical Communications on the other hand is located at Maryland, the company majors in supplying the U.S. defense department and other government agencies support and solutions regarding information technology, engineering solutions and communications services. IAP Worldwide bought both companies so as to integrate them and offer unmatched services in the engineering field.

IAP believes that the acquisition should have a positive impact on services offered by the company. It is set to double the company’s market by increasing the nature of their services. IAP Worldwide Services has also planned to integrate the two companies and form a single unit known as the National Security Programs. The new unit has a primary focus on delivering aviation and engineering services.

IAP Worldwide CEO was happy and pleased to make a statement about the acquisition. He believes that the two companies are a perfect fit for IAP and will offer business and cultural benefits for the company. They want to comprehensive services to NGO’s, the United States and other governments in the world. They believe that expanding their portfolio this way gives them more options when it comes to offering excellent services to their clients.

The aviation, communication and networking technologies perfectly fit the nature of business provided by IAP Worldwide Services. The aviation and logistics industry should work on logistics, aircraft repair, mission support and communication to business agencies. Services provided will be more focused to the U.S. defense department and an additional communication and information support.

IAP’s success is attributed not in just how they engage with their clients but in how the communicate with the general public. The company has given back to the society through funding several community projects and hiring veterans. Over the years, its success has mainly been because of a proper work ethics and a high moral standard.

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