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Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice solutions in technology. Global Tel Links (GTL) has in the past been issuing inaccurate, misleading and incorrect statements in press releases. The company which serves correctional, public safety and law enforcement agencies has in return issued press releases to correct the competitor’s claims.


GTL in one allegation claimed that they were seeking damages and injunctions against Securus regarding patent number 7,256,816. The right position is the patent herewith has not been validated and thus GTL cannot seek injunctions or damages. GTL also claims that Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has preserved the claims of the patent and protecting video visitations monitoring. Securus, however, believe that GTL is only asserting one claim out of the 55.


There is also an inaccurate statement where GTL contends that all innovations are patentable as determined by PTBA. The correct position is that they were only allowed to protect their innovations in court, but PTBA determine the innovations as patentable. GTL plans to go to court and show the jury how Securus is infringing on its patents. The jury, however, is not about to listen to any evidence any time soon.


The claims that Securus should cease using GTL’s patented technologies in video visitation platforms are inaccurate as the technologies are not in use. This means that there is no infringement has taken place hence no need to seek damages and injunctions. GTL has also claimed that Securus has a tradition of settling disputes with competitors on terms that are only favorable to them. The correct statement is that Securus has always reached intelligent agreements and arrangements that are beneficial to all parties, and also entered into reasonable licenses.


The chief executive officer of Securus Richard Smith commented that they would continue to defend the company from any attacks from GTL. He also questioned the approach that the competitor has taken in litigation as it will take years and cost millions.


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