Handy Wins With Customers and Freelancers

The freelance, gig, and on-demand economies have begun to coalesce into one, being driven by mobile devices and savvy entrepreneurs. One company taking advantage of this movement is Handy (formerly Handybook), a cleaning and handy-person service offered “on demand.” Much like Uber for home cleaning and repairs, Handy customers use an app on their mobile device to order almost any home cleaning or repair service they need. The company’s growth is skyrocketing, but what could it mean for customers and freelancers alike?

Handy claims to offer a better model for both customers and service professionals than the traditional cleaning or maid services, because customers are able to conveniently order what they need and when, see a price quote immediately, and then pay for the service all from their phone. Service (https://www.handy.com/services) professionals are able to set their own hours and rates, and can be confident that payment is secured before even going to work – much better than fighting over invoicing for weeks after a jobs has already been completed. Mandated background checks and a thorough onboarding process ensures that the service providers with Handy are professionally vetted, and the providers can comfortably expect a decent wage of $15-$22 per hour.

The service is currently in 28 cities in the U.S. and two in Canada, but the company has recently received funding to expand to at least twice that many cities in the next year. So even if the service is not available to you yet, you may be able to take advantage sooner than you think.

Unlike a competitor that recently closed its doors, Handy has mastered the delicate balance of supply, demand, and keeping both providers and customers happy. Customers have said the service is extremely professional and “super easy to use”, while providers have reported dependable payment and easy access to work/customers.

Handy hopes to be the “Uber of home maintenance”, and it looks like they may just succeed. Can you think of a few rooms that you’d love to have cleaned up or some repairs that could be made with the push of a button?


Jason Halpern: Successful Real Estate Developer And Committed Philanthropist

Real estate developer Jason Halpern is JMH Development’s founder and managing partner. The 41 year old is the third generation of the Halpern family to be involved in real estate development. Over the past 50 plus years the Halpern family has developed a sterling reputation for constructing and managing properties throughout New York. Jason Halpern took control of JMH Development in 2010. Currently the company has in excess of $500 million invested in projects in New York state. That includes turning a warehouse at 184 Kent into 340 luxury apartments.


Under Jason Halpern’s leadership JMH Development built 9 luxury townhouses in greater Brooklyn as part of their project called Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Jason Halpern has a broad vision for the company. He and JMH Development are committed to creating innovative new buildings to be used as commercial business space and rental property all over New York State. Jason Halpern has vast experience, unique development expertise, foresight and vision. This has moved JMH to acquire and develop historically significant landmarked buildings as well as develop several other innovative pioneering properties.


Over the years the Halpern family built residential apartments in New York City and Westchester County, NY. In Westchester County the family developed Class A commercial space that’s millions of square feet in size. That has helped Jason Halpern to develop a niche and a passion about building in historic districts. To Jason Halpern respecting the communities where he works is an important guiding principle. He is aware and sensitive to the importance of building historically significant properties. Plus his ability to develop rapport in the areas in which the company builds help to differentiates him from other developers.


Halpern has also shown a commitment to giving of his resources and personal time to assist charitable endeavors in the communities in which he lives and works. He has made a major investment into Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level I Trauma Center has the facilities and staff to reattach severed limbs and perform open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and complex emergency neurosurgery. The center also serves children, pregnant women, burn victims and people with myriad life-threatening internal injuries.


Through JMH Development and Jason Halpern’s passion for philanthropy, the company has enacted numerous charitable initiatives in the workplace. The company launched an innovative partnership in 2015 with Water, a global water non-profit charity. For every contract JMH Development signed at its residential development, Three Hundred Collins, in Miami, it donated $20,000 to water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. Working with the Relief Society of Tigray and Splash, the on the ground partners of Water, JMH Development has provided clean, safe water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.


James Dondero Becomes An Executive Board Member Of Cox School Of Business

South Methodist University has appointed James Dondero to the Executive Board of Cox School of Business. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, an asset management firm based in Dallas. The announcement, which was made early this month, increases Highland’s commitment to the university’s affairs. Before his appointment to the board, Highland Capital was already in a strong relationship with the university through its Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. The program is aimed at encouraging individuals to pursue professions in public policy.

Speaking during the announcement, James Dondero said that he was pleased to be part of the Cox School at SMU. He recognized the business school’s significant contribution to the business community in the region. He continued to say that his appointment to the board would help the school to continue with the initiatives that it started. James pointed out that Highland Capital had been a beneficiary of the services offered by the school since many of its employees are graduates of the school.

The SMU Cox Executive Board is made up of both academic and non-academic members. The total number of the members is about 100 with non-academic members making the bulk of it. The board is charged with the duty of advising the school on its strategies. To achieve this objective, the board members meet thrice every year: in fall, winter, and spring. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.

James Dondero is an entrepreneur and a highly reputable executive who lives in Dallas, TX. He has worked in the credit and equity market for over 30 years, giving him vast experience in the industry. He used his broad knowledge in the industry to co-found Highland Capital management. James has also used previous experience to provide leadership at the company. Dondero sits on the boards of different companies such as CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, and American Banknote. Additionally, Dondero is very active in providing support to charity causes, especially those dealing with education, public policy, and veterans’ affairs. He is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated from the school with honors in Accounting and Finance. Moreover, Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

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Josh Verne Teaching How To Live

Everyone has a different way to go about their lives and operate to achieve their accomplishments. Entrepreneurs, for instance, must manage their time to make sure they do not fall behind in any segment of their life because their days are full of tasks to complete. They have to balance their work, social life, and health to make sure that they can continue to have success without missing out on other important things in life.


Josh Verne went over the importance of this balance and some of the techniques that he uses to maintain a lifestyle that incorporates time for all the needs in life. One of the first things he touched on when being asked about this is how to lead. As an entrepreneur you have to be able to gather your team of workers and inspire them to want to help the company. Instead of using your title as a boss to make them work, Verne instead feels that the best leadership is achieved when you put your workers ahead of yourself. Make them feel that you are all in it together and that you have their backs when the time comes. This encourages workers to want to help you out and then when you really need them they will want to come and assist in whatever project you need them to help out with. This kind of leadership helps to build a better working environment and breaks the wall down between boss and worker. After this, he made sure to talk about the need to make all decisions a win-win. Whenever there are important decisions to make Verne feels that a win-win is the only solution you should choose. In these situations, if someone loses it usually isn’t a small one, so it is always good to search for the win-win, because then everyone gains something and there is no ill will created. Along with this, forcing yourself to find a win-win makes it so you must find the best opportunity available.


Verne continued on with his wisdom by talking about life in general, saying that balance is always needed. As a successful entrepreneur himself, he makes sure to balance his work life with other things he wishes to attend. This way he keeps growing as a person and is not overpowered by work responsibilities. These tactics are the different ways that he used to achieve success.

Activism of Adam Milstein for the Jewish Community

Israeli area is desperately in need of someone who is an activist and this is what they have found in the form of Adam Milstein. Adam Milstein has actually developed a Family Foundation that helps people in the Israeli area so that they can get the help that they desperately need. This Family Foundation was specifically set up to help people in Israel and this is why so many people have currently taking advantage of it because of the help that they have received as a result of this amazing Foundation created by one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world.

Despite the fact that he was recently named one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world, Adam Milstein still takes it upon himself to truly be an activist for Jewish people all around the world.

He is actually one of the top philanthropists an activist for the Jewish community and this is why many people who are Jewish individuals themselves know about this amazing man. The Family Foundation is quite easy to learn more about by visiting the website and seeing any information that is possible concerning this amazing option.

Apart from the Family Foundation, Adam Milstein also does a lot of charity work and activism for the Jewish Community itself. This basically means that he is one of the top Jewish activists all around the world and why so many people seek him out for the help that they need if there was something that they are dealing with at the moment. You can visit the Family

Foundation website to learn more about this amazing group as well as the different social media accounts: Adam Milstein that have been created in the name of Adam Milstein. Learning more about this amazing individual will get you to know more about his work in the Jewish community and everything else that he has done for people all around the world simply because of the fact that he has taken the time and effort to do this for them and all of their families as well.

The Impact Of The Presidential Race On The Economy


Brad Reifler, an entrepreneur and a hedge fund expert gave an overview of how the presidential race would affect the economy. Both Trump and Clinton have expansive plans for the country. Their agendas will affect the life of many people. Both candidates have claimed that they will simplify the tax code and make it more available to an average American. However, Clinton is targeting those that are making at least $1 million. She contends that capital gains would be calculated depending on how long the investor has held the capital gains. Trump seeks to condense the existing tax brackets and limit more deductions on single and married people.

Trump, as Reifler says through his website, plans to do away with itemization of tax returns. Clinton seeks to make small changes in tax codes, especially for small businesses. Trump claims to completely do away with estate tax, increase the capital gains and offer subsidies for small businesses. Clinton’s plan is to lower the required minimum amount for estate taxes. Lastly, both candidates agree to break childcare taxes and provide greater subsidies to families for childcare costs. Some sectors of the economy may not feel the effects of the economy after elections. However, the economy may be affected weeks after the new president takes power. This information was originally reported on Huffington Post as provided in the following link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-the-presidential-race-could-shape-the-economys_us_57fcfecde4b0b665ad818b13

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management, an employee-owned company that oversees customized portfolios and hedge funds for their clients. The company invests in the public equity markets across the world. Forefront Capital Management uses qualitative, technical, quantitative and fundamental analysis to establish its investing portfolios. The company serves high net worth individuals, institutional investors, corporations as well as pensions & profit sharing plans. As the CEO, Brad ensures that institutional investors can access professional consultancy and unique investment advice. This information was originally published on Bloomberg as explained by this link.

Brad was the Chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a company that he founded and run for 13 years. In 1982, the serial entrepreneur established Reifler Trading Corporation with the purpose of facilitating the execution of global derivatives. After making more than $200 million profits with over 200 employees, Brad sold the company to Refco. Before selling the company, the leadership had expanded the company’s services to the United Kingdom and Australia. This information was originally mentioned on Crunch Base.

The Trickiness Of Money Management

One thing that could be said about money management is that it is very tricky. For one thing, there are a lot of unforeseen factors that could occur that could influence the management of finances. People are always faced with unexpected expenses as well as other factors to the finances.

As a result, anyone could wind up bankrupt because of what they are faced with. However, there are ways that people could improve their financial management. Among the ways that is recommended is to seek the help of a financial adviser. These type of workers have a better understanding of finances and can help one manage their finances even in the face of the unexpected.

One of the financial management firms that people could go to is Wealth Solutions, which is founded by Richard Blair. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is very knowledgeable in his field because he knows how to plan for anything. He can also introduce people to new methods of not only saving money, but also increasing the finances. This makes it a very compelling deal for the clients. This is especially good for people who are on limited income. They can learn how to put their money to work for them.

Among the most important aspects of financial management are investing and retirement planning. For one thing, it is important for people to have some kind of idea on their mind about what they are going to do with retirement.

One can’t expect for all of their needs to be met with one stream of income. This is one of the reasons that it is important to have multiple streams of income. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions understands that it is quite impractical to work more than two jobs. Therefore, he suggests looking to different options for investing.

When one invests, he does put money forward with the hopes of gaining more money in return. There are many ways to do it. Among the safest bets is to put forth money into an account and let it gain interest overtime. Once the account has gained enough interest, then the investor either has the option of putting it back for more interest or withdrawing the money.

Evolution of Smooth: The Future of Lip Balm Treatments

The tried and true brands of the past such as Chapstick and Blistex have lost their dominance as of lately thanks to an innovative newcomer. Evolution is a part of life and if you don’t evolve with the times you’ll get left behind. Oral Care is a very popular industry, but it can be frustrating in your search for the best treatments.Evolution of Smooth has snatched the attention from the competitors and is bringing innovation with it’s organic ingredients, vibrant packaging, and colorful flavors. The company is ranked in second place after Burt’s Bees when it comes to sales, but this brand has much more mainstream appeal than the rest of the field.

Company founder’s decided to build the brand from the ground up while making the products as imaginable as they possibly could be. That’s where the distinctive pastel colored orb shape comes into play. Evolution of Smooth’s products and packaging stands out in a crowd as well as the product itself. Evolution of Smooth is found in numerous chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Ulta and more. Sales of the product is exceeding $1 Million per week. The now $250 Million company has surpassed Blistex as well as Chapstick in sales and is nocking on Burt’s Bees front door. No other lip balm has as much mainstream appeal as (EOS). The EOS lip balm products have been features on the cover of prominent magazines, within editorial pages, and in music videos from Britney Spears. Even the elegant Rachel Roy has a limited edition holiday collection and the Alice In Wonderland Disney Collection sold out in a few days. Numerous YouTube bloggers have reviewed the products and the brands social media accounts are at 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers.

(EOS) also partnered with Keds an produces an EOS shoe which included matching EOS lip balm. This brand is further expanding it’s range and becoming the leader in oral care products.