George Soros Aims To Help Create A Better American Judicial System

The American political government system is one that is based on the idea of checks and balances. One part of the system serves to provide a check on the other parts of the system. In order to make this system function well on Biography, it is necessary to make sure that all parts of the system are functional. Each branch of government needs to have the funding necessary to carry out the mission it has been charged with under the terms of the American constitution. Part of the way that the American justice system can function better is when all parties involved in the system are funded well by those who care about the aims of the system. This is a viewpoint that investor and political donor George Soros knows needs to be heard. George Soros knows that money can help provide a means for those who will do a good job to run for local offices in the judiciary. While power may be seemingly concentrated in the executive, it is often at the judicial level that many parts of the American system really come into play for many people.

Carrying Out An Agenda

While many Americans were focused on the American presidential election, George Soros kept his attention firmly on the American judicial system as well. His aim was to help fund races where he know that each person running can make American society a better place. Soros offered funding for campaigns that might be otherwise overlooked in a presidential election year so such as races for local district attorney. Such officers of the court can help set policy for area applicants. The DA may choose to sentence people to drug treatment rather than sending them off for a long prison term. This is where so many decisions about actual judicial practice are really made. Soros wants to help make sure that any candidate for office in the area are in light with what he feels is intelligent and rational judicial policies that offer sensible policies on His efforts have been focused on this system as it is where he knows that a real difference can be made. As a result of his efforts, many candidates have been able to run for offices where they can help carry out the Democratic agenda.

A Fierce Background

Fierceness has been very much a part of Soros’s character since his childhood. Growing up in post war Europe, he was confronted by a situation where the world around him was in chaos everywhere he looked. This taught him to learn to seize the day and take every possible moment to rush to help change the world and have confidence in his own innate abilities. In his life, he has been able to climb high, ultimately amassing a huge fortune that has pushed him to the be one of the world’s richest man. In this role, George Soros has been able to help create projects he knows will help provide his fellow humans with a world that is about justice. Source:

British Safety Council Acknowledges OSI Group’s Food Solutions in the UK for Excellence in Environmental Management

OSI Food Solutions, an affiliate of Aurora, Illinois-headquartered OSI Group, LLC is acknowledged by the British Safety Council for excellence in environmental management. The Council presented the 2016 Globe of Honour Award in November 2016 at an event held in London, England. OSI was among 18 recipients to receive the prestigious award for successfully achieving the highest rating in the Council’s environmental management audit. This is the third year the UK-based meat provider is honored for receiving five stars, after being awarded in 2013 and 2015. Kelly Grimwood graciously accepted the award during the ceremony on behalf of OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd.

The OSI Group’s production facility is located in Scunthrope and serves the United Kingdom supplying meat products to the restaurant industry. The company maintains existence for nearly 28 years in the UK producing quality beef and pork products. OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd. is one of 65 production facilities owned by OSI Group, LLC. Following the 2016 award announcement, OSI announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe, a UK food services provider from parent company, Flagship Food Group, in December 2016. The new investment into Flagship Europe provides an opportunity to increase its existence throughout Europe and international markets.

Flagship Europe will continue operations as a part of the OSI Group supplying frozen poultry, pies, Sous vide, dressings, mayonnaise, and sauces, in the UK. This isn’t the only acquisition transaction the company closed during 2016; in November, OSI acquired Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Food. The company is parent company of Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, and two other companies. Baho is now placed in the position for expansion into global markets in the food service and retail industries. OSI is accomplishing its goal of expanding processing facilities and acquisition investments.

OSI Group LLC is one of the largest private companies in the United States with revenue and sales reaching an estimated $6.1 billion by the end of December 2015. The company has a 107-year history in the meat market and successfully accomplishes their mission of providing quality and premium products. OSI is committed to ensuring all their facilities are operating under safety and quality rules and regulations, globally and nationally. British Safety Council honoring of OSI for excellence in environmental management proves the company’s excellence to safety and health at their processing facilities.

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