Avaaz Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

France’s presidential election this year, was one of the most significant contests in the country’s history. It had the potential to drastically shake up the political climate. Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was a huge factor of what made the election so heralded. Her position as a populist leader, views on anti-establishment, and brashness led to many drawing parallels between her and U.S. president Donald Trump. Sadly, unlike Trump Le Pen couldn’t pull off the upset victory.

On the day the results of the election were announced many French citizens celebrated out in the streets. The citizens were so gleeful they kept celebrating even when it began to rain. Avaaz Activists were among the participants.

Avaaz gathered at the Eiffel Tower, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. The young demonstrators were joined by Holocaust survivor Elie Buzyn as the election fell on the anniversary of the day the Allied forces achieved victory in World War II in 1945.

Buzyn was actually detained in the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. Today, at the age of 88, Buzyn can still remember the day the Nazi Party waved the white flag. He was more than happy to assist Avaaz. After all he had been through he was proud to see the activists working to stop extremism.

About Avaaz

Avaaz is a civic organization that organizes campaigns to combat injustices across the globe. Though based in New York City, the activist group spans close to 200 nations with a membership base numbering roughly $40 million.

The organization focuses on a variety of global issues including: economic issues, conflict, corruption, poverty, and human and animal rights. On top of everything else Avaaz contributes funds to select non-profit organizations. Avaaz means “voice” in numerous languages and its purpose is to give a voice for the voiceless.

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