Cassio Audi; Investment Manager and Drummer for Viper

Cassio Audi is known to be as an investment manager, who has his hands on the pulse of the Brazilian investment world. It was only a few decades ago that Cassio had the pulses racing in another way; in the music world. He was a part of several bands back in the 80’s but it wasn’t until joining Viper, that his name became known. In 1985, brothers Ives Passarell (lead guitar) and Pit (bass) became a coherent group once they joined with singer Andre Matos, guitarist Felipe Marchado, and Cassio Audi, on drums. In wasn’t until July 1987, that the band Viper released their first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The sound was raw and very much in the vein of Iron Maiden, and Viper became huge in Brazil. Songs such as “Nightmares,” “The Whipper,” “Soldiers of Sunrise,” and “Law of the Sword” are on the group’s first album and Cassio really nails the drum part so well, it is the heart beat in every tune.

Cassio wasn’t with the band long, before he went down a different path. He got his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo, in 1994 and started at JP Morgan in 1992, doing a balancing act of working and studying. Later on, Cassio went to State University and got his MBA. He went on to DOW Chemical and Gillette as the Financial Analyst and Director, and then became Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners. He has since had other positions, but overall has 23 years of experience in different fields, which makes him a great person to go to in regards to helping others in investments and stocks, in addition to advising others in other financial matters. Looking on YouTube, in April 8, 2016, Cassio Audi is on drums again performing with Viper, which is great to see that some things never change.


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