Highland Capital Management Experiences Continued Success in the Healthcare Sector

The South Korea National Pension Service became the anchor investor of a recently closed private equity fund based around healthcare. The fund was created by the SEC-registered, Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management Ltd. Highland Capital Management has extensive investment experience spanning over 30 years. The investment firm managed to secure $147 million in capital before announcing the fund’s strong closing.


Korean venture capital and private equity firm Stonebridge Capital will co-manage the fund with Highland Capital. Stonebridge Capital manages a total of 10 funds to meet the goals of realized growth within targeted time frames. The fund will focus on investing in middle market North American companies. Highland Capital’s small cap equity fund is comprised of $55 million. However, the firm itself manages a total of $15.4 billion. It should come as no surprise that the firm has created a fund centered around healthcare. The firm’s main industry exposure comes from the healthcare sector; Highland Capital’s expertise lies in healthcare.


Highland Capital Management managed to generate a 32% return for investors last year. The firm focuses on credit strategies, long-only funds, and credit hedge funds as well as CLOs and special-situation private equity. The firm was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. Okada’s focus lies in investment strategies for the company. Co-founder Dondero has expertise in credit and equity markets. He places his focal points upon distressed and high-yield investing.


The company values communities and works to make a difference by making financial donations to communities and non-profit organizations. Highland Capital Management has generously contributed $10 million to various organizations around the world since 2005. Leading by example, Dondero prioritizes investing time in his local community.


Eric Pulier Reveals The Gift of Failure

The fear of failure is actually a common fear. This is an interesting thing because a lot of people who have succeeded have failed before. However, it is common for people to have taken failure to be a harsh thing. For one thing, a lot could be invested in something to the point that the thought of it failing is too much to handle. Also, there are others that have experienced harsh consequences for failure. Either way, a lot of people require a lot of re-framing when it comes to the idea of failure. One way to do that is to look at the example and the thoughts of Eric Pulier.


Eric has experienced failure in his career. It was a heartbreaking event because he has made a decision which turned out to go in the opposite direction of the one he hoped for. He has sold his company that he has started to some new owners who did not deliver on their promises. Fortunately, this failure has brought forth something that was a lot better than they have hoped for. Therefore, Eric considers failure to be a blessing in disguise. He encourages people to not worry about failure when they are working towards something.


Eric Pulier makes sure that he rids himself of distractions and any toxic aspects of the environment so that he could focus on his work and success. One thing that he does not need is a lot of chaos. This does not help with the work that he is doing to bring forth solutions to different issues that humanity is faced with. He is definitely making good use of technology with his business (Read More). His best strategy for bringing forth success is persistence. After all, people have to keep pushing in order to reach their goals.