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Whitney Wolfe has committed her time and resources to help other find a perfect match. Recently, the founder and CEO of Bumble tied a knot to Michael Heard, a Texas, oil heir. The destination wedding, held in Villa Treville, Positano along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast of Italy featured select friends and family. Whitney Wolfe stunned in an Oscar De La Renta gown for the ceremony. The setting brought out the romantic feel of the Italian coasts as candles lit the venue.

The hashtag #homeiswhereherdis playfully incorporated the groom’s name and provided detailed pictures and proceedings of the wedding. Through the hashtag, friends and family not only wished them a happy marriage but also stated how the company had inspired their belief in love and other possibilities. The couple first met in Aspen on Valentine’s Day three years back and engaged in July 2016.

Whitney created Bumble, a dating app that improves the dating experience for women by exclusively allowing them to start conversations with their matches. The woman sends the first message to her match. Many people insinuate that women who make the first move are desperate. With Bumble, you do not have to worry about what others think as making the first move is the only alternative. Whitney Wolfe has never been shy about making the first step despite the stigma associated with it. The 24-hour expiration period for matches motivates women to make their intentions known early. Either party can message first for people who prefer same-sex relationships.

Based in Austin Texas, Bumble hopes to inspire a movement that changes the perspectives on dating and interaction between men and women. With Bumble BFF, you are allowed to swipe to meet your next best friend. The Bumble BFF targets women who are not necessarily looking for romantic relationships but lasting friendships with people of the same gender. Another innovative app by Bumble is the Bumble Bizz a platform that supports career networking. You can use separate profiles for the Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF different from dating one. Plus, with the Bumble Bizz, you can select the people you want to come in contact with based on the industry or location. Since its launch in 2014 Bumble has over 12.5 Million users and over 200,000 messages sent per day.

Whitney attended Southern Methodist University where she earned a B.A in international relations. Business Insider acknowledges Whitney among the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech, 2014. She is also among the 2016 Elle Women in Tech.

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End Citizens United Shows Concern Over Campaign Financing Oversight

The Citizens UNited Supreme Court decision of 2010 is one of the most controversial in the history of U.S. politics as the rise of big money in politics has become a major issue for millions of people across the nation. The End Citizens United PAC is now taking the fight to the ballot stations of the U.S. with a push to end the influence of the billionaire donor class responsible for changing the face of elections for Congress and the race for The White House.

Knowing where the financing for campaigns and individual candidates who are looking to take up positions of responsibility within the U.S. Federal Government. IN 2017, End Citizens United is still concerned about the problems of discovering just where the money provided for campaigns is coming from, particularly the vote to provide new rules and regulations designed to weaken the protections many people look to as they hope to discover just which groups and organizations are looking to fund candidates during major elections. A recent amendment inserted into a spending bill by House Republicans reduced these areas of oversight even further as the influence of a few major donors continues to rise. End Citizens United have also voiced their concern about the lack of oversight provided for churches who have now begun providing major funding for many conservative candidates and organizations during election campaigns.

Operating as a traditional PAC, End Citizens United have not struggled to build a significant level of financial support at a grassroots level with the group reporting $4 million already raised through donations not permitted to exceed $5,000. In the coming months, the campaign hopes to create a greater level of financial support for Democrats who have been at the heart of the growing level of concern about the influence on policy developed by the Citizens United decision; a range of financial options are being explored as End Citizens United looks for new ways of developing the fund used for the midterm elections the campaign hopes to build up to an impressive $25 million.

The rise of End Citizens United has been all the more impressive because the PAC has only been in operation since the early stages of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle. In 2017, the grassroots funding of End Citizens United reached an impressive $12 average donation as $4 million was raised across the first three months of 2017 as officials stated their belief the PAC was on course to match and even outstrip its goal of $25 million by the time the 2018 midterm elections take place.

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Rodrigo Terpins Leaves Admirable Legacy on the 22nd Edition

2014 was a historic year for the talented racer, Rodrigo Terpins. The 22nd edition of Sertoes Rally was graced by many competitors who fought for the same title as Rodrigo. Being the largest rally in Brazil, many fans attended the event with Rodrigo being their main man to watch. The tight race encompasses two states at 2,600 kilometers and seven stages. Rodrigo partnered with Fabricio Bianchi and clinched the eighth position in a group of 38 competitors in Prototype T1.


Rodrigo Terpins is an active member of Bull Sertoes Rally, a highly regarded team in Brazil. He has achieved invaluable strides in his racing career. Accumulating multiple victories, Rodrigo has paved a path for prospective racers. His passion for rallying roots from family as even his brother Michel Terpins is an active racer. Rodrigo is always a sports fanatic who indulges himself in various sporting activities. Their father, Jack Terpins is also s sports figure, perhaps explaining the sportsmanship of the two brothers. View his Facebook profile for more info.

Family and Talent

Rodrigo’s brother Michel Terpins is a racer too. With his partner Justo, he won the 24th edition of Sertoes Rally. Landing the 5th position, the duo worked closely to rank top in the rally. In August 2017, Michel landed the 6th position in the 25th Sertoes Rally. Presently, he is prominent for leading the rally championship for cross country. His list of achievements extends to 2002 when he established his debut in T-Rex category.


Rodrigo Terpins continues to leave a legacy by recording unmatched performance in rallying. In the 22nd edition, he stated that there were challenges on the terrain. He, however, managed to overcome them thanks to his partner, Fabricio. While the competition was fierce, Rodrigo Terpins managed to score high points. He exceeded his expectations by overwhelming performance. Being in partnership with Fabricio, he was in safe hands because it was resourceful teamwork. His team registered excellent performance given that the car was not entirely in good shape on the rugged terrain. Driving a 326, Rodrigo Terpins was equipped with sufficient skills to soar through. Through focus and determination, Terpins has been leaving a mark in every competition.

Igor Cornelsen’s Success and Career Achievements

Brief Overview

Igor Cornelsen is now one of the most renowned investors and financial advisors of all time. His great mastery on how to handle various financial and economic crises has earned him the great reputation that most financial advisors can only imagine of. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

His major accomplishments are linked with smart priorities based on how best organizations can place their resources in order to realize excellent return on investments. He is a retired financial advisor and an investor who completed his career in 2011.

He then moved to Florida where he spends most of his time with friends, playing golf and bathing in the aura of the tropical beaches.

  • The most reliable financial investment advisor

When the Brazilian economy was on the verge of collapse, Igor Cornelsen managed to offer some financial support to the main banks, and the economy managed to gain stability.

This was back in 2005 when he was still serving in his career, six years away from retirement. His major achievement was noticeable; more so, in 2008 when he managed to help the Brazilian Banks gain profits when other banks around the globe were facing tough moments.

  • History as an Investor

Igor Cornelsen is known by some of the largest companies in the world, and in his own country, Brazil, as one of the most successful investors in the world.

Many organizations and enterprises like Giant Burger King which is a fast food store in the USA have gained lots of profits in courtesy of great investment tips issued by this great Investor.

Being an employee in some of the biggest banks in the Brazilian economy, he was able to have the significant influence on the country’s economic market. He applied his great knowledge to make huge investments and to spearhead Brazilian economy toward success while other countries were stuck with same problems that he was solving.

He has worked with many other organizations in Brazil, which means that his skills were earned through experience.

Up to date, some companies still scavenge his great techniques when it comes to using the few available resources to maximize profits.

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Paul Mampilly Aims To Help Regular Everyday People Make Better Stock Investments

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and American investor who has a brilliant eye and gift for predicting winners in the stock market before they become so. His career began in Wall Street in 1991 when he served as assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. After this, he went on to manage multi-million dollar accounts for ING and Deutsche Bank, and in 2006 he became the hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. The $6 billion company soon become a $25 billion company under Paul’s careful and keen guidance. During the 2008 to 2009 financial crisis, Paul was able to turn $50 million into $88 million in one single year when he participated in the Templeton Foundation’s prestigious investment competition.

Paul Mampilly, in his retirement, has now turned his focus to helping regular people become successful instead of lining the pockets of people who already have more than enough. His new research service, True Momentum, is expected to be unveiled soon, and people are already enjoying and learning from his newsletters, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. To prove that he knows what he is doing, he also created an account for demonstration purposes and deposited $5000 real money into it. His stock picks with that account have already grown by more than 180%, and his Coeur Mining pick saw a gain of an amazing 700%.

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Paul Mampilly has stated that his startups grew out of his desire to leave Wall Street and help normal people. While it took him a year or so to complete his exodus, he is happy he did, because he now is having the time of his life in the publishing business, Banyan Hill Publishing. He finds that his skills and experience are reaching more people every day, and he especially loves the fact that most Americans can afford to take part in the kind of investing he is teaching. Instead of catering to the top %1, he is finding satisfaction by helping the other 99% of people who need help the most.

Paul Mampilly earned his MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and spends his free time with his family in North Carolina.

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The Sky Is The Limit With Securus Technologies

There are many reasons why Securus Technologies leads the industry when it comes to the public’s safety. They are the best at what they do. All around the world, they are known for their achievements in the safety field even though their clients are in the US. In fact, their largest client is the US government. They deal with their correction facilities, and in the course of a year, they handle at least one million incarcerated people and with great success.


Over the years, Securus Technologies has received quite a bit of comments and remarks from their clients. These are positive in nature. The company wanted the public to be able to see them, and they published them in an article. This way, all people can see how important their work is.


In another way to show the public what they do, the company had them come to their business in TX. When they were there, they were given a tour, a presentation and a question and answer session. It was a huge success, and everyone benefited from it.


This company stops at nothing to invent new and interesting ways to help solve the public’s safety issues. On a weekly basis, they come out with new technologies. They are always a step ahead of their competitors, and they are willing and able to go up and beyond the call of duty. The future looks very positive for this company, and they will continue to have the lead in a very competitive field.