Focus on Drew Madden’s Career in the Healthcare Sector

Drew Madden has amassed over ten years experience in advising, managing, optimizing and implementing EMR projects. He is an IT entrepreneur working in the healthcare sector with an aim of achieving his passion of building unique and attractive company cultures. Mr. Madden believes in teams made up of high caliber professionals. He believes that these are the people who assist entrepreneurs form trusted partnerships with clients.

Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew Madden joined the Nordic Consulting Partners (NCP) back in 2010. He became the president of the company in 2011 and held the position until the year 2016. NCP is among the biggest Epic consulting corporations that have exhibited high level consulting excellence from 2012 – 2014. Under Mr. Madden’s leadership, the number of employees grew from 10 to 75. He also managed to increase the client partners from just 3 to 150 he also managed to increase the revenue collection per year from $1,000,000 up to $130,000,000. As the president at Nordic Consulting Partners, he was charged with the responsibilities of recruiting new staffs, developing client relationships and business development. He managed to forge great client relationships with clients on both the local and international level.

Work History

Prior to joining Nordic Consulting Partners as its president, Drew Madden worked with Ingenix, a United Healthcare subsidiary. Ingenix changed its identity and is currently referred to as Optuminsight. He had joined Ingenix as part of Epic Consultants. He started his career life working at Cerner Corporation. It was here that he spent a large portion of his time in coming up and executing inpatient medical solutions. He had earlier on joined Healthia Consulting in 2005, which in 2007 merged with Ingenix Consulting.

Drew Madden used to carry out implementation roles prior to his promotion to a position in the Business development section. Drew Madden holds a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from the Iowa University. Drew Madden joined a new firm based in Madison that deals in digital records that adopt the Epic Systems-style. The firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, was recently launched and Mr. Madden is among its founders. He left Nordic in 2016 to launch the new firm that will compete with his former employers for clients. Madden hopes that the company will offer more than just health records to its clients.

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