Rocketship Education: Bringing Change in Education

Rocketship is an organization that is a non- profit charter school network. It has its headquarters in Redwood City, California. The organization was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007. Rocketship is located in twin dolphin in Redwood City. The school utilizes a blended learning model in combination with adaptive software to help in student achievement.

Rocketship chartered schools help parents to choose the teacher who will teach their children before the commencement of classes. Rocketship runs a total of 18 schools. Parent participation is the foundation of the chain. Parental involvement is the main focus of the program. Rocketship is a non-profit elementary charter school that serves the low-income students.

The core characteristics of the school include authenticity, community, innovation, excellence, and tenacity. It is more than just a school system; it is a growing family. It is a family made up of leaders, teachers, parents, and communities. Rocketship is dedicated to making a change in the future. It is a network of public K that is dedicated to eliminating the achievement the gap.

It serves the communities in Washington DC, Nashville, Bay area and Milwaukee. Some of the schools that it serves in Bay area include Alma academy, Mateo Sheedy elementary, mosaic elementary, Redwood City preparatory, brilliant minds, Futuro academy, and spark academy among others. The rocketship education was founded in 2013 in Milwaukee, and it serves Southside community preparatory. In 2014, the rocketship was founded in Nashville. It now serves Nashville northeast elementary, United academy and partners community preparatory. It was founded in 2016 in Washington DC and serves legacy preparatory and rise academy.

Rocketship has brought a new twist to the traditional school system and help in meeting the needs and opportunities of different individuals. It not only focuses on low performing schools but also addresses the underlying factors that help in eliminating the achievement gap. It has a network of 8,000 students. The school has achieved significant results since there are about 90% of the students who return to Rocketship. There is no doubt that the organization is determined to provide students with quality education.


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