Customers Prefer Network Over Competitor Financial Institutions

NexBank remains a popular Dallas, Texas based financial institute competitive services. Their online banking is a trendy platform for many services you can get at one of their local branches. Stop standing in long lines on Friday yo cash your check or visiting a branch to make a deposit. Their descriptive tabs give you access to many account features online. Do you feel like you’re being bombarded with huge fees with your current financial institute? Are you tired of handling your account services with a pesky automated system? NexBank provides live expert financial specialist available 24 hours a day to discuss your new or existing account.

Their hands-on CEO, John Holt has played a key role in creating new growth models for NexBank. His plans for international expansion are only the beginning because they also plan to expand their general counsel with key new executives. Their accounts can rest assured their hard earned money is backed with an estimated $40 billion dollars in assets, 0% fraud liability for unauthorized use, and government secured FDIC insurance. You can trust you money to do more than sit in an account and incur huge fees because NexBank puts your money to work for you.

NexBank Services

– free checks for the life of your account

– 1.9% interest savings

– IRA accounts

– money marketing accounts

– retirement counseling

– multiple device compatibility

– view your account anytime

– direct deposit

– online bill pay

– and much more…

You can get several features from NexBank that will help you feel secure about your financial growth. They offer college savings programs, a low-income home owners program, and more. You’re invited to visit the secure descriptive tabs listed on the NexBank website for more details on how to register for a new account.

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