Glen Wakeman on Business, Mentoring and Succeeding in Life

Operating small businesses takes time and effort. Once entrepreneurs begin to build a staff to run the business, they need to invest enormous resources to attract customers. This can be a bit challenging as organizing the operating platforms comes with tremendous needs. Technology is here to save the situations. In addition to technology are great, competent role models with Glen Wakeman topping the list. Glen Wakeman owns LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This company is aimed at planning small businesses for entrepreneurs.


LaunchPad Holdings

At LaunchPad Holdings, the team works to reduce risk and failure in business. This occurs when the management structures specific ideas that are good enough to inject profits into the business (


Education and Work Experience

Prior to launching LaunchPad Holdings, Mr. Glen Wakeman held numerous, senior positions in different organizations. He worked at Nova Flour and GE Capital. In both organizations, he was an executive leader. His input was upheld as he had a great impact on decision making. Glen went to two universities namely The Scranton University and the Chicago University. Glen majored in economics. Later, he pursued finance. The two courses sharpened his skills in emerging markets, business strategy, business administration, financial management and business development.


Mentoring Programs

Mr. Glen is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who believes in mentorship programs. He is a mentor and has worked in different startup companies. Glen uses his wealth of skills and knowledge to assist clients navigates the challenging field of business management. Glen achieves this by incorporating five performance areas:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Risk evaluation
  • Human capital



Mr. Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur. He shares his secret ideas to success. He recommends The Art of War, a book authored by Sun Tzu for success. The book highlights the value of preparation, strategy, and discipline in addition to teamwork. He also recommends motivational talks by expert entrepreneurs.



To Glen, an entrepreneur’s networks determine whether one will succeed or not. Having lived in over six countries and worked in more than ten companies, Glen believes in paying attention to existing relations. He maintains a robust and friendly bond with acquaintances.


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