Tony Petrello Finds Ways To Help Others Out Who Are Less Fortunate

When you are given lemons, make lemonade. This is a lesson that Tony Petrello knows all too well. Being raised by a mother and father who had to work paycheck to paycheck and struggled week to week, Tony wanted more for his family. Being one of the highest paid CEO’s of Nabors Industries has helped him to do just that, and then some.

Tony Petrello and his wife are passionate about helping others and use their time to do just that. One cause that Tony and his wife are passionate about helping is the Texas Children’s Hospital. By offering donations to the hospital, they are helping to fund research for finding cures or at least alternatives for children who have medical complications.

Aside from helping children’s hospitals, there are other causes that the Petrello family loves to help. For CEO Tony Petrello, he loves to help out the employees of Nabors Industries. During the recent hurricane season, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston quite hard. The city was taken back by flood waters and heavy storm damage. For the employees of Nabors Industries, they had to face losing their homes and risk losing their jobs because of what happened to their homes and families. Nabors Industries made it easier on them by removing the worry from their plates about losing their jobs. They were granted paid time off which opened up the ability to focus their efforts on repairing their homes and establishing ground for their families.

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When the Petrello family has their own down time, they share a passion for plays, music and Broadway. During a visit back to Houston, Tommy Tune was greeted by Tony Petrello and they hosted a gathering for Tommy Tune at their home. The gathering was comprised of 50 personal friends of the Petrello family and members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre board.

Tommy Tune had returned home to Houston after being gone for a number of years. He graduated from Lamar High School and then took dancing lessons from Patsy Swayze. You would be familiar with that name from the well known actor, Patrick Swayze. It was his mother who gave dance lessons to Tommy Tune before he departed to head off to Broadway in NYC. If he had not taken dance lessons from Patsy, he might not have been as accomplished on Broadway.

As it would seem, Tony Petrello and his family clearly share a love for helping others out who are less fortunate than they are.


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