Luiz Carlos Trabuco Works Toward A Better Future For Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows what it takes to show a company he’s successful. His entire career has been success after success and that’s what led him to the position he’s currently in. He worked hard to get to the top and he never let anything hold him back from the things he wanted to do. There were times when Luiz Carlos Trabuco struggled to make everything right, but he knew he had to keep going because Bradesco was counting on him to be the best he could be for the bank. It was his way of making sure people could see there were things they had to do.

For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the point of the business is giving back. He wants Bradesco to be the best it can be so he can give back to the bank. He also wants there to be positive opportunities for people to enjoy when they use Bradesco as their bank of choice. It’s his way of making sure everyone understands what they need to do and what they need to get from their own bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco relies on the most positive influences he can find to give him the motivation to keep running the bank.

As the executive chairman of the board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows the importance of helping people understand how the bank works and what they’re doing to help the clients. He spends a lot of time learning new ways to improve the bank and make it better than the rest. That’s what has put Bradesco at the top of the game in its sector. It’s now considered the best bank in Brazil because of how hard the employees work to make things better for all the customers who come there.


When Bradesco and HSBC recently merged, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew it was the best thing for both the banks. He knew there were things the people would need to start doing differently that they never did before the merger, but he was sure there were ways that the banks would come together to form new opportunities for people to see things. The merger gave him a chance to make sure people knew what was going to happen in the future and what would be the best thing for both the banks later on. As long as Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew what was happening, he was sure the bank merger was the best thing.

Even though Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds a high position now, he finds it easy to connect with employees who are in ordinary positions. He started out as a clerk at the bank. After graduating college, he worked his way up through the ranks at the bank and that helped him show people there were things that could happen to them even if they started out relatively low on the chain. He feels it’s important to show people they can grow and be more than what they are now if they stick to it and put the work in.

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began around 48 years ago when he fully committed to be working in Bradesco Organization. Prior to joining this company, he has served Odontoprev S.A as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, also as a Member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Brasil. He has served in Marketing and Fundraising Commission of ABECIP, in National Association of Private Pensions, in National Federation of Supplementary Health and in National Confederation of Financial Institutions as the President.

In Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Bank since 2017 and has been serving as the director since 2010. He graduated with Philosophy and later a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology. His contribution in the organization is quite recommendable.


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