Wes Edens: Charting A Course For E-Sports

Wes Edens has shown a consistent ability to leverage every platform that has been made available to him. This is a talent that he has demonstrated ever since he graduated from Oregon State University back in 1984.He has made his way through the ranks and got his start at the famed Lehman Brothers firm, where he would eventually become a managing director and a partner. After spending six years working with Lehman Brothers, he would then make his way to BlackRock Asset Investors. Four years later, Edens would make the move that would eventually serve as the springboard to the role that we know him best for today.

In 1998, he and four other principal partners founded Fortress Investment Group.It was at this time that he truly began to make a name for himself in this sector. As a man who believes in the power of contrarian betting, this is an ethos that he carried with him each and every step of the way. Before long, Fortress Investment Group had been built into one of the most reputable companies in its sector and the investment group would eventually be traded publicly. Wes Edens would soon use the knowledge that he gained working for Fortress Investment Group to become an NBA owner. When Herb Kohl finally decided that he was ready to sell the team to the highest bidder, Wes Edens and Marc Lasry submitted the winning bid. It did not take long for the duo to see a major return on their investment.

The franchise, which was valued at $550 million when the men decided to make their purchase, is now worth over $1 billion.Now, Wes Edens is looking to make inroads in a different area of the sporting world. He is already making a splash in the e-sports area.After purchasing his own League of Legends team in hopes of taking advantage of this brave new world, Wes Edens then decided to purchase an entire league for his team to compete in. Once the NBA elected to start their own NBA 2K league for professional console gaming, Wed Edens was one of the first owners to make a significant financial pledge.With the NBA poised to make a major splash in the world of professional gaming, Edens is making a massive bet as well. If his track record of continued success is any indication, he will experience the same return on his investment that he has been able to enjoy at every other location.

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