In His Heart: The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most popular personalities on television and radio today. He is the host of American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. While balancing many things on his plate the one project that is near and dear to his heart is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Here is what the foundation is about and what supporters do.

The main goal of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is to help children who are in the hospital feel better by the use of entertainment. The specific places are known as Seacrest Studios. These places help kids get acquainted with what it is like to be on the radio or on television. There are ten such places across the United States so far.

Ryan Seacrest came up with the idea while he was having dinner with his family. He saw so many kids in the hospital and wanted to find a way to educate and entertain them. This was the genesis of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It is a totally non-profit and helps kids discover and learn about the entertainment industry. It is a simple way for kids as well as their parents to focus on things like having fun and being together no matter how long they are in the hospital.

The mission of the foundation is to get kids involved in something positive. The foundation belies that kids having access to the latest in technology for radio, TV, and social media can help children make positive choices and make the hospital experience more bearable for the children.

One of the goals of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is that kids can get hands-on experience with technology and new media. the foundation teams up with journalism schools in order to allow students to become interns at local stations. It allows kids to interview celebrities and focus on programs that they like to see.

This is the heart of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Helping kids heal through the medium of entertainment and stay positive throughout the process. It’s the one project Ryan Seacrest never tires of doing.

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