Ryan Seacrest Makes the Job Look Easy

When Ryan Seacrest asked Dick Clark how he made it look so easy, Clark said, “if every person who watches it thinks you make the job look easy…then you’re doing it well.”

Ryan Seacrest seems to have taken those words to heart and he makes it look easy with a daily routine built to make his life work. Ryan Seacrest starts his day with a shower, shave, and moisturizer, likely from Polished, his men’s skincare line. He follows that with Matcha tea and the daily news. For the creator of the Ryan Seacrest Distinction line of clothing, his daily uniform is surprisingly simple including sweats, hoodie, and Uggs helping him to minimize daily decisions. He sees his daily workout routine as so vital that he brought a trainer with him on a trip to the Bahamas with Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Even though Ryan Seacrest seems to say “yes” to everything, he has still disciplined himself to manage his daily tasks well. Rather than responding to every question immediately, he puts it in a queue. Everything gets a turn. He chooses when he’ll do certain daily tasks, saving phone calls and interviews for the afternoon when he can think about more long-term things.

Despite the number of jobs including hosting American Idol and his own radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he still finds time for quality in his life. He considers himself a foodie making a point to have a long family dinner on the weekends. He is also good about putting his phone down, even locking it in a safe to keep from being distracted. Most importantly, he started his own foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, to help hospital patients and journalism students gain experience in broadcasting.

Ryan Seacrest is doing his job(or jobs) well. We can tell by how easy he makes it all look.

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