Brazilian Compliance Lawyer Bruno Fagali Explains How The “Deep Fakes” Are The Newest Threat To The Fake News Fight

As one of Brazil’s leading compliance lawyers, Bruno Fagali is dedicated to the truth and nothing but the truth. One of the latest issues he is deeply concerned about would be the rise of the ‘fake news” movement. Although it’s a constant threat, it continues to evolve rapidly. Bruno Fagali realizes there is a new threat looming on the horizon: the “deepfakes.”

This recent concern has arose in response to the election of US president Donald Trump. Because Brazil is now having its own presidential election the TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral) has decided to look into the phenomenon of fake news and fully study just what it is and the consequences of it. As a result of this, they published a report on March 9th 2018 discussing this issue. They noted that the influence of fake news in Brazilian elections was not a new phenomenon, having occurred since 2010. They also noted that 2014 was the worst Brazilian election year, with 1,200 hots, or automated profiles, infiltrating public Brazilian opinion. These parts are actually used to create false and misleading information. Many social networks consisted about real and fictional people who were spreading this type of fake news. What measures is the TSE doing to prevent this from occurring in future elections?

For starters, they formed a new organization called the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections. This governing body has three tasks: do you study the influence of the internet and elections, to give the opinion on matters raised based on that, and proposed actions that will instigate campaign standards for internet use. It would appear this organization came into being at just the right time, simply because of the rise of the deepfakes as noted earlier. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is actually much worse than simply just fake news. Bruno Fagali, da agência Nova/SB, fala sobre o prêmio Pró-Ética, organizado pela CGU e pelo Instituto Ethos.

There are many apps out there, including such things as FakeApp and Lyrebird. These apps are more dangerous than fake news because they can take a video and superimpose a famous person’s head over it. Witch hunt indeed!


As a compliance attorney, Bruno Fagali is committed to stopping these types of uses and because he has been involved in legal career since 2006 he has the experience to back it up. If Fagali has anything to do with it, the election campaign laws in Brazil at least will be completely rewritten and reformed.

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  1. I think the internet has compounded a lot of issues in that regard, a lot of persons are now privileged to have internet enabled gadgets. The severity of fake news is one that needs in order to properly regulate the spread of this problem. Its a huge challenge because people actually consume some news without even checking its authenticity.

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