Dr. Dov Rand: A Health and Beauty Specialist

The United States has a problem with obesity, and more people are becoming fat every year. Because of the obesity epidemic being felt in the United States today, doctors have warn that people should shift into a healthy lifestyle, because being obese would later on result to different diseases. Doctors blamed the dependency of most Americans to junk food and fast food as the main reason why the number of obese people are increasing. Health centers in the United States are multiplying because of the increasing demand for wellness, and one of those who benefits from the recent trend is Dr. Dov Rand, a New Jersey-based doctor who currently sits as the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange. He promised the public that his clinic specializes on procedures that would help someone lost weight, and because of the reputation of his clinic and his decades’ worth of expertise, people started to set up an appointment with him and know more about the available treatment for obesity.


One of the most popular procedures performed at his clinic would be the IV treatment. Obese patients will be injected with the prescribed medication, and all they have to do is to follow the instructions provided by Dr. Dov Rand and observe if there will be changes with the body for a few weeks. Most of the people who consulted him regarding their weight are now happy with their body’s condition. Because of the positive experiences that his previous patients had under his care, they started writing favorable reviews about him and his clinic and it became viral online. As more people knew about the available treatment at his clinic, Dr. Dov Rand started to become a small-time celebrity in his state. More and more people want the IV treatment for their obesity problems, and they are hoping that the medication developed by Dr. Dov Rand would become their answer.


Aside from the solutions for obesity, Dr. Dov Rand is also offering his patients a chance to counter the negative effects of menopause by increasing the body’s hormones. The treatment is available through setting up an appointment with the clinic.


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