Paul Mampilly Helps Investors Become Smarter, Safer, And More Profitable

Senior editor of Banyan Hill Publishing Paul Mampilly decided to shift his focus from Wall Street to main street, dedicating his time and focus to helping everyday investors grow their portfolios.

By locating the most profitable opportunities in technology, small cap stocks and other growth areas throughout the marketing. Paul has built a network of successful investors that flourish due to his sharp analysis and expertise.

As an investor and former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly recognizes value early in a company’s lifecycle. Through Profits Unlimited, a network investment vehicle for value stock recommendations that above average provide returns, he consistently demonstrates his talent for making the right plays at the right time.

He credits his father for having the greatest impact on his life. When he took the calculated risk to move from India to Dubai for more prosperity to support his family, this move taught Paul the importance of respecting risk reward. Now when he participates in the market for himself and his clients, he makes the bet with the best odds. This method increases the probability of making money.

Paul Mampilly quickly rose through the ranks in his Wall Street career. Starting as a research assistant for Deutsche bank, he would eventually go on to manage multi-million dollar accounts at Bankers Trust and ING. He was later recruited to manage a $6 billion firm which, under his leadership, soared to $25 billion.

Paul manages two trading services called Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He was also an editor at Stansberry Research. He held three positions at Kinetics Asset Management; Managing Director, Co-Portfolio Manager, and a Member of the Portfolio Management Team.

Prior to that, he founded The Capuchin Group, where he also served in three positions; Author, Editor, and Publisher.

When it comes to strategy and execution in the markets, Paul Mampilly has a philosophy of finding opportunity amongst innovation.

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