Turning Waste Energy Into Gold Mine With Talos Energy

Talos energy was an original idea of Timothy Duncan back in 2012; the other three founders are; John Parker, Stephen Heitzman, and John Harrison. Talos energy is located in Texas in the United States. The company’s primary objective is to recover the energy that other companies and investment have discarded as “a waste of time.” They deal with energy, oil and gas Products. The Company invests in Gulf of Mexico and South Louisiana mainly because their technical teams are very familiar with the geological features of this area.

Talos energy operates by investing in properties that have lost value or have gone through a non-recoverable state. Duncan sees opportunity in this. Their technical panel goes through the assets to analyze the risks and possible returns. A good example is the Talos acquiring Phoenix after it had gone through a major drawback; it later used innovative technology to keep it going and finally sold at a very profitable return.

Let us explore an excellent example of the most recent high-risk projects that Duncan turned into an opportunity, the stone Energy. Stone Energy Company  had gone through a massive drawback to the extent that it was declared bankrupt. Naturally, this is a situation that most companies will shun from but to Duncan, it is another gold mine. Talos Energy under the leadership of Timothy Duncan made a merger earlier this year, May to be precise. The reason as to why it is seen as a very dangerous investment is that, besides the fact that Talos has invested several billions and asserts in this, the machines that are efficient in digging are costly. That’s not all; in the first place, we can’t overlook the fact that nature might have its way negatively in this part.

This is how Talos energy has earned its place in the business world, by seeing opportunities’ where to other companies it is a dead end. While other companies run after well-laid fields where modern inventions will restore the old school reservoirs, Talos energy invests a lot in abandon wells and in the long run, large profit margins are made.

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