Jim Toner Shares The Secretes Behind His Success

Jim Toner is an experienced entrepreneur come a real estate investor. Jim has been working towards helping people establish a bright feature financially. The situation where by people lost millions of money in the real estate, and their retirement accounts making them lose hope for the future prompted him to do so. However, Jim blames the people for making wrong decisions around the market, resulting to the loss of a lot of wealth.

Jim toner’s success has been a journey with tough experiences and frequent unfortunate events. Having gone through tough experiences and finally making it, Jim Toner has stood out to share his secretes. He said that a person’s attitude is very significant, as it plays a great role when it comes to investing in real estates. He said that your attitude in the real estate market is defined by how you view the economy.

Jim Toner said that ensuring that you surround yourself with the right people in business also matters, as it can help you grow significantly in your business. Most of the successful entrepreneurs in the entire world have a story of having collaborated with different people with different knowledge and experience in their respective fields. A good example of such entrepreneurs includes Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

According to Jim, increasing in value as a person goes hand in hand with increase in you income. However, for you to become a valuable person in life, then you have to work hard. Jim Toner attributes his success to working hard which he says he realized early enough. He also said that when he realized he wanted to become more valuable by working hard, he began by working on himself through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual exercises. He said that for you to make tremendous changes in your life financially, good physical condition is mandatory.

Jim Toner firmly believes that for you to become rich, it is a must that you behave like the rich. He said a person with the desire to become rich must carry out his operations from the same place with the rich, as this result to the creation of a rich way of life.

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Steve Ritchie Moving Papa John’s In Right Direction

A new man has taken the helm of Papa John’s Pizza. The chain is already well known and has been advertised all over sports stadiums and television. But the pizza giant has recently run into some troubles because the former CEO and founder used racist words during a conference call.

As per Bloomberg, the new man in charge, a guy named Steve Ritchie, is hard not to like. He’s been with the company nearly his entire adult life. Richie has been involved with nearly every aspect of the pizza company since joining as a young man. Now he’s risen to the position of CEO right at a time of turmoil.

NFL and major-league baseball sponsors have begun pulling their support for the pizza company after the unfortunate remarks by the former CEO. Steve Ritchie is now tasked with the effort of repairing the public image of the pizza conglomerate.

He’s quickly issued a statement that said the words of the founder do not represent the company. In fact, he goes on to say that racial language has no place in the company at any level. Now he’s gone undertaking the incredibly huge task of educating all 120,000 employees under the Papa John’s umbrella.

Steve Ritchie knows that words are cheap in lieu of actions. That’s why he’s called an outside help. The company is bringing in experts in order to educate the workforce on cultural and racial sensitivity. In his apology posted on Facebook, Ritchie has laid out clear goals for the company and its employees.

This shows quite a bit of emotional intelligence. First of all, most companies are unwilling to show any vulnerability. That’s exactly what Steve Ritchie did in this case. And most companies would just let the entire ordeal blow over without taking any action. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is moving the company in the right direction in a very public manner with transparency and accountability. This should separate the pizza company from its former boss and founder.

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Rodrigo Terpins: A Successful Balance Between Sports of Corporate Affairs

Rodrigo Terpins’ name is a common entity in the Brazilian sports fraternity, especially motorsport. His love for adrenaline has driven him to the highest ranks as far as rally competitions are concerned. Having competed severally in the local and international championships as a Brazilian, Rodrigo Terpins has coined a name for himself in the country. His life in the motorsport industry started soon after completing his university Education from the University of Sail Hilaire.


After completing his Business Management courses at the university, he worked for 16 years at Lojas Marisa where his prowess in management was evidenced as he rose to the position of the corporation’s president, a position he opted to let go in 2007 to develop other parts of his life ambitions. Rodrigo Terpins’ main career revolves around the rallies, but still maintains some level of white collar engagements. For instance, he holds executive positions in companies including his own T5 Participacoes which he founded in 2008.


Rodrigo Terpins is also savvy as far as the need for environmental conservation is concerned. As the founder and chair of Floresvale, he has been actively involved in the development of ideas which harness environmental resources such as forests in a manner that promotes environmental conservation and preservation. Floresvale utilizes trees from the environment reasonably and sustainably, thereby serving as a leader in Brazil’s environment conservation mechanisms.


An overview of his day-to-day operations shows that Mr. Terpins is not only productive but also highly engaged with official and non-official duties relating to his work in the office and the safari rally. However, his hands-on approach to most of his duties gives him a platform to bring most of his ideas to reality whenever needed. Being self-aware gives him the required level of interconnectedness that makes him obtain the necessary resources required for making his corporate and sports life a success. Check out 12social.com





Despite his streak of successes, he has previously had some minor failures which, according to his philosophy, have served to advise him to become a better person in the corporate world. Undoubtedly, Rodrigo Terpins puts in lots of effort to make a highly needed balance between managing his corporate and sporting personalities.



End Citizens United Aims to Do Just That

The 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission reverberated through US politics. Active opposition to the ruling remains strong.

A recent article on the XRepublic website shed some light on the matter. Citizens United was one of those cases that had not only immediate but ongoing impact — similar to cases like Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education. While Roe and Brown have permanently changed American politics, End Citizens United will fight to avoid such permanent consequences from Citizens United. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

End Citizens United is one of several political organizations that are fighting to overturn Citizens United. Founded in 2015, End Citizens United hopes to lead that fight.

In 2008, while Hillary Clinton was campaigning in the Democratic primaries, Citizens United aired a 90 minutes long film attacking Clinton. The FEC ruled it a political ad. Federal law at that time required that Citizens United reveal who funded the ad. Citizens United refused.

Citizens United disagreed and sued the FEC. But the judgment in federal court went against Citizens United. Fast forward to 2010. Obama is president, and the Supreme Court overruled the lower court’s ruling. The ruling effectively gave First Amendment rights of free speech to corporations.

Since many US companies are, in truth, multinational corporations, their new freedom to contribute unlimited amounts of money to political action committees was troubling to many Americans. Many believed it gave conservatives an immediate advantage, as their perception was that conservatives and the GOP had deeper ties to economic elites.

Suffice it to say the fight was on immediately, and that it’s been on ever since. Organizations like the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, and the Sunlight Foundation are united with End in their zeal to roll back Citizens United.

While End Citizens United would love to see the Constitution amended to solve the problem, they realize a more practical approach is needed now. So they will attack Citizens United in two ways. Firstly, help candidates who favor campaign finance reform. Secondly, take any legally permissible actions they can to repeal Citizens United.

In keeping with their core principles, the End organization relies on the kind of grassroots fundraising that Howard Dean pioneered, and that Barack Obama used so effectively in his presidential campaigns. Visit: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/