Philanthropist Victoria Doramus

After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a BA in journalism and mass communication, Victoria Doramus began her professional career as a journalist, marketing strategist, and trend specialist. In 2010, Victoria had been up to that point, working as a group coordinator and was responsible for international relationships with trend correspondents, and reviewing market reports for Creative Artists Agency. Little did her colleges know Victoria was battling a serious substance abuse problem. Introduced to drugs at 15 being prescribed amphetamine, Victoria escalated over the years to harbor an Adderall and cocaine dependency problem.

In 2011, Victoria would make her first of three attempts to enter a rehab facility to seek help in getting her drug problem under control. Completing the 45-day rehab treatment in Arizona, Victory moved to LA. Over the next few years, Victory slowly lost her grip on control. Moving to London to attend graduate school, Victoria studied marketing and history. Despite moving to another country and ending friendships and pushing family away, Victoria still failed in her attempt to stay clean.

Philanthropist Victoria Doramus was checking herself into another substance abuse support rehab facility in Connecticut this time for a 60-day program. After completion, Victoria was in New York City again attempting to shake her drug habit. With no luck after this time either, and becoming homeless and finding herself in a jail cell in Thanksgiving Victoria would attempt a long-term rehab facility this time.

Flying to Austin Texas to enter a 12 step program at the Burning Tree, a long-term program that lasted a year of intense rehabilitation. Forced to wake up at 5:45 am daily and having a day filled with chores and meetings, all in preparation for life without substance dependability. Victoria is now sober and is sharing her story and experience to help others like herself overcome substance abuse issues.

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