Global logistics leader IAP Worldwide acquires new businesses

According to recent news, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired two companies in a bid to increase growth within the company. IAP Worldwide services is the leading provider of global level logistics, technical ministration and elite professional and management facilities. The company bought DRS Corporation, Aviation & Logistics and the Tactical Communications companies. The acquisition is part of a long term strategy to expand IAP Worldwide Services to offer additional engineering and aviation services.

DRS is located in Oklahoma City, the company largely provides management and repair for aircraft parts. It further offers mission support services and logistics for the government on The Tactical Communications on the other hand is located at Maryland, the company majors in supplying the U.S. defense department and other government agencies support and solutions regarding information technology, engineering solutions and communications services. IAP Worldwide bought both companies so as to integrate them and offer unmatched services in the engineering field.

IAP believes that the acquisition should have a positive impact on services offered by the company. It is set to double the company’s market by increasing the nature of their services. IAP Worldwide Services has also planned to integrate the two companies and form a single unit known as the National Security Programs. The new unit has a primary focus on delivering aviation and engineering services.

IAP Worldwide CEO was happy and pleased to make a statement about the acquisition. He believes that the two companies are a perfect fit for IAP and will offer business and cultural benefits for the company. They want to comprehensive services to NGO’s, the United States and other governments in the world. They believe that expanding their portfolio this way gives them more options when it comes to offering excellent services to their clients.

The aviation, communication and networking technologies perfectly fit the nature of business provided by IAP Worldwide Services. The aviation and logistics industry should work on logistics, aircraft repair, mission support and communication to business agencies. Services provided will be more focused to the U.S. defense department and an additional communication and information support.

IAP’s success is attributed not in just how they engage with their clients but in how the communicate with the general public. The company has given back to the society through funding several community projects and hiring veterans. Over the years, its success has mainly been because of a proper work ethics and a high moral standard.

White Shark Media Bites Into Keywords

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, takes a sharp strategic eye to be exercised properly. It might sound simple, but it isn’t.


White Shark Media says keywords must be front and center, and then they start listing the stipulations. Do not stuff keywords. Do not use them all at once in the same title in a run-on sentence from hell. But you do want a keyword in the title. White Shark Media shares this strategy in their blog post.



  1. Title


  1. Main headline


  1. Meta description


  1. Page content, 2 or 3 times


  1. Incorporate keywords in your image title and information.


  1. Simple is better. Don’t overuse keywords



White Shark advises optimizing the search for the benefit of users, not for best results in the search engines. Don’t make a list of random words that pertain to or connect your keyword. Document or title, the author should be able to read it out loud without sounding stupid.


These are all goals of keywords –



  • Identity of brand


  • Classify product


  • Target audience – kind of business



White Shark recommends making a list of possible keywords. One and two words are too simple. So flesh it out with a little more information, say flowering trees, which is still too simple. Cut the parameters even more, to flowering trees in California. Native flowering trees of California is better, it narrows the search parameters.


Additional side information may find its way into the search for native flowering trees in California. It could be things like scientific names; history; usefulness as a food source, dye, or fiber; environmental soundness, tree removal, insects, tree planting, pruning, or tree health.


Group all of this mess of keywords into categories.



  1. Keep the hard keywords pertaining to the nursery business. This group will overlap from Information Seeking for tree health and information through the Business Seeking consumer who wants to cut his tree down


  1. A secondary list of interesting facts will remain. Use later for blog entries.


  1. Discard the unnecessary or inapplicable. Keep only what applies.



In a nutshell, the place you want to be is on SERP, Search Engines Results Page. This is accomplished by using keywords rationally. Don’t forget, too much information in a long line is spam and it is a very bad practice.


White Shark adds that a search wants to highlight intent. Add in a geographic area. Then add some variants and synonyms. Keywords are specific, but queries solve intent. White Shark believes that search engines are now smarter, they have learned how to search, and they understand why people search.


White Shark Media is in the business of digital marketing. Founded in 2011, White Shark has teamed up with Google on AdWords. Microsoft is looking at collaboration on its Bing Ads.


Brian Bonar Is A Successful Businessman, But Now He Also Is The Owner Of One Of San Diego’s Highest Quality Restaurants

Brian Bonar originates from Scotland, and his career originally was in business. He currently is an executive of Trucept Incorporated. Prior to working for Trucept, he was one of the executives at Dalrada Corporation.

Both of these companies have helped numerous corporations to succeed. In addition, Bonar is very well connected in the business world, and he has ties with numerous other companies. Ultimately, he decided to take his career in a different direction, the restaurant business.

Brian Bonar currently owns Bellamy’s in San Diego. His well known restaurant is in the Escondido section of the city. Bellamy’s has received very high ratings, and critics have spoken highly of the food served.

Brian Bonar has also selected excellent chefs, including Patrick Ponstay. He has had an extremely successful career as a chef, prior to working for Bellamy’s. He used to be a chef at Loews. Before that, he was a successful chef at Rancho Bernardo Inn, and he helped to train another very successful chef while he was there.

He hired also another quality chef for his restaurant, Mike Reidy. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar hired him after he saw his culinary talent at one of his favorite restaurants, El Biz. He also hired Trevor DaCosta, who is a skilled front of the house man.

About The Food At Bellamy’s:

Bellamy’s is among the best places to dine in San Diego! It is a French bistro restaurant, but there are menu items that you do not typically see at a bistro. One of their dishes is mille feuille. Their mille feuille has eel and pork fat in it. In addition to the meat, it also comes with delicious granny smith apples.

They serve more common dishes, such as corn soup, and it comes with top notch ingredients. If you are more of a salad fan, they have a great choice of salads, including a delicious beet salad. There are other great dishes at Bellamy’s, such as their mushroom ravoli and duck dishes. In addition, they serve great desserts. One of the best is the saffron panna-cotta.

Bellamy’s is not the only San Diego area restaurant that Brian Bonar has. He has also owns Bandy Canyon Ranch. This restaurant also is an event venue. The food there will also of excellent quality, as Patrick Ponstay is the marquee chef.

However, the kitchen hasn’t been designed yet, which means that Patrick Ponstay is exclusively at Bellamy’s. In the future, it is likely Bandy Canyon Ranch will be where he spends most of his time. Therefore, now is a better time than ever to go to Bellamy’s!

Dick DeVos: The Leader We Hope for and Dream to Be

There is no testing the waters when it comes to Dick DeVos’s endeavors; he dives right in. Growing up with daily involvement in his father’s business Amway, Dick was provided an opportunity that he has since shaped into a legacy. He began working in Amway in 1974, leaving it to develop The Windquest Group, an investment management company in his own neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan that supports technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. Although he returned to become the president of Amway, he retired from that position in 2002 to dedicate his time to Windquest and a myriad of political and philanthropic pursuits.


Some of those pursuits include Dick and his wife Betsy’s co-chairing of the Education Freedom Fund, which offers private scholarships to low-income families in Michigan; Dick acting as board member of RDV Corporation, Willow Creek Association, Spectrum Health System, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and more; and creating the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation for local and global growth. Amazingly, these are only a handful of DeVos’s many achievements, done in tandem to being an active participant with his wife in Windquest’s investment in numerous technology, manufacturing, clean-tech, and non-profit organizations. Many of these organizations directly support the local community of Grand Rapids, as can be seen on Windquest’s portfolio. Likewise, the DeVos Foundation is devoted to bringing leadership, transformation, and support to the West Michigan area. One example of this devotion is ArtPrize, founded by Dick and Betsy’s son Rick; it is a stunning exhibition of globally-submitted artwork where the public votes on the winner for a $200,000 prize. More info can be found on other recipients of the foundation on their website.


In personally viewing Dick’s social media pages I was struck by his warmth and visionary scope. The genuine care he has for the suffering, the success, and the wellbeing of not only his neighbors but the world is truly inspirational. Opportunity and wealth have not alienated Dick from the rest of the world, but rather augmented his compassion and support of their advancement. It is here, in Dick DeVos, that we find the type of leader we’ve always hoped for and the hero we quietly dream to be.


Learn more about Dick DeVos on Crunchbase.

Andy Wirth Is Continuing The Fight To Keep Squaw Valley Ski Resort Open

If you love something that’s been a part of your life for a long time, you just might fight for all your “Wirth” to keep it. Or at least that’s what Andy Wirth has been doing over at Squaw Valley Ski Resort over the last few years. According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Wirth was involved in a very big fight with locals of the Lake Tahoe region of the California-Nevada area over the property rights of the ski resort. The locals wanted to Incorporate Olympic Valley that area into their own township, a cause that while noble, would’ve resulted in a heavy financial strain on the area, and would have become unsustainable. Wirth is very relieved that the battle is now overs so he can work on new developments for the ski resort.

Wirth has been CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort for some time, helping to build the area he grew up skiing at into a fantastic vacation place for outdoor enthusiasts on on Wirth has done a lot of outdoor sports in his lifetime, but one nearly ended his life several years ago. Wirth loves skydiving for the thrills he experiences from it, but one time some difficulties in landing caused him to have a near-fatal accident. The road to recovery was a difficult period for Wirth, but he got connected with a group of Navy SEALs who had served their country overseas and who helped Wirth get back on his feet. As a result, he started a triathlon and funding program for these SEALs over at Crowdrise.

Wirth has also been featured in an episode of CBS’s Undercover Boss show, an opportunity he had to take the producers behind the scenes of Squaw Valley. Basically, Wirth left the comforts of his office to go undercover as a low level worker and find out how his everyday employees experienced life on the job. Wirth is actively involved in his local community, raising charity events and helping support local organizations. Recently he was appointed chair at the Reno Airport Board, a nine member board tasked with helping grow the airport’s services and expanding its marketing fields.

The Solution for the That Perfect Hair You Dreamed Of

You have at some point in your life seen advertisements for the hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean. If you have never heard of the WEN cleansing conditioners, then the products are basically an all-in-one conditioner, shampoo and styling treatment. These products work well for all hair types and it all depends on the formulation you try.

The Wen Cleaning Conditioner is an excellent product for individuals with fine hair who shower and style their hair every single morning. This conditioner will make your hair look fabulous post-shower. If you ever crave for an extra shine on your hair, then this conditioner does the magic for you. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

About Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean had a passion for hair when he began his photography journey. He attended several photography courses which later inspired him to join a cosmetology school briefly after settling in Los Angeles. His interest in hair then blossomed into a professional business specializing in cutting as well as color. While he worked on perfecting his professional skills, he also helped a highly popular company to develop a product line. This is where he developed an interest in creating products. He quickly moved up the ranks at a fashionable salon in Bel Air hence becoming a manager. Soon thereafter, he purchased the salon and build a clientele base which comprised of an impressive list of superstars. His salon then relocated to Hollywood, where it changed its name to Chaz Dean Studio. Here, he offered the high scale customers an escape from paparazzi as well as an atmosphere that was intimate and secluded. Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

Chaz Dean is continually developing new products, tending to customers at his salon besides styling for fashion award shows. He is an inspiration to people all over the world and has changed many lives by way of helping his clients realize the hair they have always dreamed of having. Chaz sells his products exclusively on Sephora cosmetics and online via Amazon.

Read more about Chaz:

A collaborative effort among New York offices for rent


Shared work spaces are becoming recognized for their increased productivity as the workers performing there are getting work done at a higher level than freelancers working from home or workers in the typical office setting. One thing to be gleaned from the shared work space is that the go getter type personalities are all finding themselves gathering there. Freelancers who want a quiet space to get things done, and who want to feel like they are falling into more of an office routine gravitate to shared work spaces.

Shared work spaces do share similar qualities of certain offices. There are private rooms with desks, there are conference rooms, and there is of course coffee. What makes shared work spaces different is the set up and lay out of the shared work environment. There are long communal tables, communal desk areas, outdoor spaces for breaks and lounge areas for light discussion and socialization with other work space peers.

Workville NYC is a stunning shared work space that has disrupted the industry of New York offices for rent. The luxury building and it’s location in central Manhattan makes it an ideal location for startups and individuals in Manhattan who are looking for a social work space with like minded individuals. It is also a great spot for startups to rent a conference room for an important meeting right at the hub of everything.

Individuals and small companies as well as large can come to Workville and rent out whatever space fits their needs. Spaces can be rented hourly, weekly, monthly, whatever bets fits. There is even a “name your price” option offered at Workville which welcomes that entrepreneurial spirit. For a reasonable rate, a Manhattanite or anyone who is traveling through can join this social shared space and see if it puts some mojo in their work. Talent attracts talent and shared working spaces like Workville allow other ambitious people to find each other. Because it is not a traditional office, there is no forced socialization or office politics to navigate. Less this distraction, it is easier for everyone to get their work done and open up social communication at their convenience with whom they may feel compelled.

My Kids And I Love Shopping With JustFab Companies

I remember when I first heard about JustFab and it was while watching the commercial with Kimora Lee Simmons. I absolutely loved her because of the fact that she always dresses so fashionable on Pinterest, and I always envied the things that she wore. What’s even better is the fact that Kimora used to dress her daughters in amazing clothes as well, and I always wished that my kids could wear such clothing. When the commercial aired for and said that I could buy two pairs of shoes for less than $40, I got excited and ran to my computer to start looking to see what Fabletics as active wear had to sell.

JustFab is amazing, and I bought a total of five pairs of shoes the very first time I shopped on the website. What I love about the site is the fact that I got a virtual designer that helps me to pick out the kind of shoes that would look best, and the shoes were at great savings. I normally go to the store and buy one pair of shoes that look this great for $100, but when I shopped at JustFab, I was able to get the five pairs of shoes for around $100, which is incredible. I absolutely didn’t mind the monthly membership fee either because the savings is worth it.

Later on, when JustFab introduced FabKids, I was all over it because my kids loved clothes that are fashionable, but I love clothes for my kids that are low-priced, and FabKids can accommodate both my kids and me. Shopping on the website was a breeze, and my kids absolutely loved the clothing that they saw on the site. I also love the fact that I always got the right size clothing, it was shipped directly to my home, and my kids always asked to go back to the website to buy more things. I’m also an avid purchaser of jewelry and clothing from JustFab, which is why when the BusinessWire announcement came into play, I was more than happy.

I started becoming more active during the year 2015, and I found myself needing athletic wear, but they were too expensive in the other stores that I used to go to. When Fabletics was introduced by the JustFab company, I joined up without a second thought, and I began buying activewear, which not only helped me to feel comfortable when I exercised but the clothing looked great. What I also love about Fabletics is the fact that the price tags on the clothes are amazing, compared to what I used to pay to other activewear companies. Although I may go crazy buying a lot of clothes and shoes, JustFab has low prices.


Having a Thick Skin For Online Reputation Management

Every business is going to get a bad review. Therefore, it is important for a business owner like you to not allow yourself to be rattled by a bad review and discover new ways to Brand Yourself. For one thing, getting rattled and reacting could make things worse for the business owner. It is better for the business owner to step and cool down if he feels himself getting ready to react in a way that is not profitable for his business. Every business and entity is going to have at least one critic, and what he has to say can even be scathing. The best thing to do in situations like these is to focus most of the attention on the satisfied customers.
There are many reasons that a customer may want to post a bad review. It is not always the business owner’s fault. In many cases, the customer is dissatisfied with a certain aspect of the company or the service. There are a few things that one could do about it. He could read the review no matter how scathing and rude it is. He could also make efforts to bring forth some optimized content in order to push the bad reviews from the front page of search results.

One good thing to do when it comes to bad reviews is counter these reviews with good reviews. The business owner could ask satisfied customers to provide good reviews for the company so that this can encourage more people to make their purchases from the company. Eventually, there will be a removal of the bad review from the search results. Afterwards, the user will get a lot of his business as more positive information comes in about him.

Having a thick skin is very important when it comes to online marketing. One thing that would not work well for the business owner is retaliating against the reviewer. It is better to keep calm and address it in a way that is professional. This will greatly improve or at least maintain the image of the business owner as he is doing damage control.


I Am Encouraged By My Application To The Spark Tank

The Spark Tank is quite an innovative project that offers $5000 awards to businesses like mine. I am attempting to push through social change in my community with aid of children who frequent out center. This article explains how I filed my first application for funding, and I explain what I believe the Spark Tank can do for all of us. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

#1: I Learned About Mark Sparks Online

Mark Sparks is a social media executive who has worked for a few companies, and I was impressed to find out that he wants to do much more than offer us money. He plans to help us be seen in as many places as possible online, and I am quite excited about any press I will receive when we are featured on the Spark Tank website. I will be forever grateful to Mark for simply putting on his site.

#2: What Is The Spark Tank?

According to Goodread, the Spark Tank is the funding initiative that Mark Sparks created for people like me. I understands that there are quite a few companies such as mine, and we may do quite a lot with the funds we are awarded. $5000 will serve us well, and I am hoping against all hope that we will receive an award one day. I have been fortunate enough to schedule a meeting to speak to Mark, and I have been told he will offer us as much mentorship as he can.

#3: How Many Companies Benefit?

There are companies all around our country that will benefit from funding at the Spark Tank. I know that I am not the only person who submitted an application, but I believe that everyone who is awarded money will do good in the world. Mark is focused on companies that help people, and I enjoy seeing people receive the aid they require.

The Spark Tank is one funding avenue for our company, and I was pleased to submit my application. Funding and support from a social media guru such as Mark Sparks would mean a lot to us.