Activism of Adam Milstein for the Jewish Community

Israeli area is desperately in need of someone who is an activist and this is what they have found in the form of Adam Milstein. Adam Milstein has actually developed a Family Foundation that helps people in the Israeli area so that they can get the help that they desperately need. This Family Foundation was specifically set up to help people in Israel and this is why so many people have currently taking advantage of it because of the help that they have received as a result of this amazing Foundation created by one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world.

Despite the fact that he was recently named one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world, Adam Milstein still takes it upon himself to truly be an activist for Jewish people all around the world.

He is actually one of the top philanthropists an activist for the Jewish community and this is why many people who are Jewish individuals themselves know about this amazing man. The Family Foundation is quite easy to learn more about by visiting the website and seeing any information that is possible concerning this amazing option.

Apart from the Family Foundation, Adam Milstein also does a lot of charity work and activism for the Jewish Community itself. This basically means that he is one of the top Jewish activists all around the world and why so many people seek him out for the help that they need if there was something that they are dealing with at the moment. You can visit the Family

Foundation website to learn more about this amazing group as well as the different social media accounts: Adam Milstein that have been created in the name of Adam Milstein. Learning more about this amazing individual will get you to know more about his work in the Jewish community and everything else that he has done for people all around the world simply because of the fact that he has taken the time and effort to do this for them and all of their families as well.

The Impact Of The Presidential Race On The Economy


Brad Reifler, an entrepreneur and a hedge fund expert gave an overview of how the presidential race would affect the economy. Both Trump and Clinton have expansive plans for the country. Their agendas will affect the life of many people. Both candidates have claimed that they will simplify the tax code and make it more available to an average American. However, Clinton is targeting those that are making at least $1 million. She contends that capital gains would be calculated depending on how long the investor has held the capital gains. Trump seeks to condense the existing tax brackets and limit more deductions on single and married people.

Trump, as Reifler says through his website, plans to do away with itemization of tax returns. Clinton seeks to make small changes in tax codes, especially for small businesses. Trump claims to completely do away with estate tax, increase the capital gains and offer subsidies for small businesses. Clinton’s plan is to lower the required minimum amount for estate taxes. Lastly, both candidates agree to break childcare taxes and provide greater subsidies to families for childcare costs. Some sectors of the economy may not feel the effects of the economy after elections. However, the economy may be affected weeks after the new president takes power. This information was originally reported on Huffington Post as provided in the following link

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management, an employee-owned company that oversees customized portfolios and hedge funds for their clients. The company invests in the public equity markets across the world. Forefront Capital Management uses qualitative, technical, quantitative and fundamental analysis to establish its investing portfolios. The company serves high net worth individuals, institutional investors, corporations as well as pensions & profit sharing plans. As the CEO, Brad ensures that institutional investors can access professional consultancy and unique investment advice. This information was originally published on Bloomberg as explained by this link.

Brad was the Chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a company that he founded and run for 13 years. In 1982, the serial entrepreneur established Reifler Trading Corporation with the purpose of facilitating the execution of global derivatives. After making more than $200 million profits with over 200 employees, Brad sold the company to Refco. Before selling the company, the leadership had expanded the company’s services to the United Kingdom and Australia. This information was originally mentioned on Crunch Base.

The Trickiness Of Money Management

One thing that could be said about money management is that it is very tricky. For one thing, there are a lot of unforeseen factors that could occur that could influence the management of finances. People are always faced with unexpected expenses as well as other factors to the finances.

As a result, anyone could wind up bankrupt because of what they are faced with. However, there are ways that people could improve their financial management. Among the ways that is recommended is to seek the help of a financial adviser. These type of workers have a better understanding of finances and can help one manage their finances even in the face of the unexpected.

One of the financial management firms that people could go to is Wealth Solutions, which is founded by Richard Blair. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is very knowledgeable in his field because he knows how to plan for anything. He can also introduce people to new methods of not only saving money, but also increasing the finances. This makes it a very compelling deal for the clients. This is especially good for people who are on limited income. They can learn how to put their money to work for them.

Among the most important aspects of financial management are investing and retirement planning. For one thing, it is important for people to have some kind of idea on their mind about what they are going to do with retirement.

One can’t expect for all of their needs to be met with one stream of income. This is one of the reasons that it is important to have multiple streams of income. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions understands that it is quite impractical to work more than two jobs. Therefore, he suggests looking to different options for investing.

When one invests, he does put money forward with the hopes of gaining more money in return. There are many ways to do it. Among the safest bets is to put forth money into an account and let it gain interest overtime. Once the account has gained enough interest, then the investor either has the option of putting it back for more interest or withdrawing the money.

Evolution of Smooth: The Future of Lip Balm Treatments

The tried and true brands of the past such as Chapstick and Blistex have lost their dominance as of lately thanks to an innovative newcomer. Evolution is a part of life and if you don’t evolve with the times you’ll get left behind. Oral Care is a very popular industry, but it can be frustrating in your search for the best treatments.Evolution of Smooth has snatched the attention from the competitors and is bringing innovation with it’s organic ingredients, vibrant packaging, and colorful flavors. The company is ranked in second place after Burt’s Bees when it comes to sales, but this brand has much more mainstream appeal than the rest of the field.

Company founder’s decided to build the brand from the ground up while making the products as imaginable as they possibly could be. That’s where the distinctive pastel colored orb shape comes into play. Evolution of Smooth’s products and packaging stands out in a crowd as well as the product itself. Evolution of Smooth is found in numerous chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Ulta and more. Sales of the product is exceeding $1 Million per week. The now $250 Million company has surpassed Blistex as well as Chapstick in sales and is nocking on Burt’s Bees front door. No other lip balm has as much mainstream appeal as (EOS). The EOS lip balm products have been features on the cover of prominent magazines, within editorial pages, and in music videos from Britney Spears. Even the elegant Rachel Roy has a limited edition holiday collection and the Alice In Wonderland Disney Collection sold out in a few days. Numerous YouTube bloggers have reviewed the products and the brands social media accounts are at 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers.

(EOS) also partnered with Keds an produces an EOS shoe which included matching EOS lip balm. This brand is further expanding it’s range and becoming the leader in oral care products.


ClassDojo, The Gold Star Sticker has Gone Digital

Remember the chart on the classroom wall? You know, the one with everyone’s names that had the colorful star stickers. Well, those charts are a part of the past now, but if you are like me, old enough to remember them, you also remember the pride one gold star could give you! That sense of pride is the basis for ClassDojo. The wall charts were classroom based, and parents never got to see them except on parent-teacher nights. After raising $21 million dollars, ClassDojo has created an app that can be shared with the class, and parents as well. This creates a unique and important support system for the child.

Encouragement is crucial to a young child, especially since daily learning and interacting can be so frustrating. Even with attentive parents and teachers trying from both ends, it can get a bit chaotic for the child caught in the middle where communications tend to break down. Class Dojo understands that parents today face more time constraints than ever with both parents working. The app helps the parents keep up with their child’s daily progress without having to jostle schedules for meetings. Teachers can message mom with updates and progress, thereby bringing the child’s support full circle again!

Each child has their own portfolio to share anything they want! By using cute monsters as avatars, they emphasize the hard work the child does instead of focusing on their intelligence. Praise for hard work promotes more hard work. Simply trying something that seemed intimidating can earn the child points and a new brag for their portfolio. By focusing on this aspect, children are more comfortable, and it builds a positive culture within the class. Results through effort are more attainable than placing children under labels or groups. All the ‘cliques’ begin to melt away because everyone can try!

Although it started out as a teaching tool, it has continued to grow to include parents and children. The creators also envision a future in which parents can use the app to pay for field trips, lunches, or class pictures. How many of us have triple sealed an envelope with cash in it, then buried it so far at the bottom of our child’s backpack that the teacher has to go on a search and rescue mission to find it?

Please visit them to find out more at:

Raj Fernando: A Global Leader In The Financial World

Raj Fernando worked his way up within his career starting off in the lowest position and graduating to the very highest. After several years of different trading jobs at the Chicago Board Trade, he decided to build two very unique businesses that are used today for development purposes. A man can only be described by his accomplishments and goals. And Fernando has achieved both.

Chopper Trading

Chopper Trading started off as a small trading company on a fixed income with only four employees. Now the company has over 200 staff members and is in five different locations.

As the CEO of Chopper Trading, he designed some of the most sophisticated communications and risk management and trading practices.

Thirteen years later he sold Chopper Trading to a global leader in the financial world called DRW. Raj has over twenty-one years of experience in the international markets of finance and over ten years in the cyber security world. He knows how to provide companies with the counsel needed to succeed.


This year Mr. Raj Fernando launched the new internet based platform called Companies all over are ditching their old software to replace it with Scoutahead. The software is designed to improve the communication between employees and managers, giving real-time feedback on staff performance and development issues.

Corporations found that the time and money invested in could be minimized if they put their employees in charge of their own growth. Fernando built a HR department on steroids. Scoutahead provides a platform that enables feedback from employees and colleagues, allowing team members to take charge of their development.

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Securus Technologies, Committed To Building A Great Reputation.

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice solutions in technology. Global Tel Links (GTL) has in the past been issuing inaccurate, misleading and incorrect statements in press releases. The company which serves correctional, public safety and law enforcement agencies has in return issued press releases to correct the competitor’s claims.


GTL in one allegation claimed that they were seeking damages and injunctions against Securus regarding patent number 7,256,816. The right position is the patent herewith has not been validated and thus GTL cannot seek injunctions or damages. GTL also claims that Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has preserved the claims of the patent and protecting video visitations monitoring. Securus, however, believe that GTL is only asserting one claim out of the 55.


There is also an inaccurate statement where GTL contends that all innovations are patentable as determined by PTBA. The correct position is that they were only allowed to protect their innovations in court, but PTBA determine the innovations as patentable. GTL plans to go to court and show the jury how Securus is infringing on its patents. The jury, however, is not about to listen to any evidence any time soon.


The claims that Securus should cease using GTL’s patented technologies in video visitation platforms are inaccurate as the technologies are not in use. This means that there is no infringement has taken place hence no need to seek damages and injunctions. GTL has also claimed that Securus has a tradition of settling disputes with competitors on terms that are only favorable to them. The correct statement is that Securus has always reached intelligent agreements and arrangements that are beneficial to all parties, and also entered into reasonable licenses.


The chief executive officer of Securus Richard Smith commented that they would continue to defend the company from any attacks from GTL. He also questioned the approach that the competitor has taken in litigation as it will take years and cost millions.


LED Lights for the Home by Gooee

You have probably heard of LED lighting in the past but did not know what it could do for your home. What a lot of people are realizing is that LED lighting allows for them to have a cheaper electric bill simply because the lights in their home aremedies more energy efficient. Gooee LED lighting can help you to save tons of money all year around and allow for your electric bills to be a lot smaller than they used to be. I can definitely help for you to make the switch because this is an option that has helped so many other homeowners and families when it comes to lessening the amount that they spend on their electric every single month.


If your electric bill is one of the highest bills that you receive every month, it is about time that you took the bull by the horns and switched to LED lighting. The great thing is that when you choose a company like Gooee, they will do all of the installation work for you so that you do not have to worry about doing this on your own. More and more people are switching to LED lighting because of the fact that it works and because this is an option that has allowed for better quality of lighting when it comes to their home and the way that it functions. You can choose to hire this company and contact them to see what they are able to do for you and your loved ones

ClassDojo helps parents track classroom progress

ClassDojo, the pioneer of a free iOS and Android app that allows teachers, parents and learners share classroom moments with each other, has raised 21 million US dollars in the second round of venture funding. This app acts a communication platform between educators, parents, and learners, and allows parents to receive up-to-date notifications regarding the academic, social and behavioral development of their children. This continuous cycle of communication allows parents to be informed on the development of their children, which helps reduce the nasty surprises typical of quarterly parent-teacher consultations.


According to its co-founders, ClassDojo’s main focus is using the capital to expand its footprint. The company aims to figure out what new, useful content and features can be incorporated into the app to help parents promote learning and progress of their kids back at home. It could be additional videos, customized learning content or project-based work. There’s a lot to consider. At present, the company boasts of an impressive reach, with educators in approximately two-thirds of all schools in U.S using its app. Indeed, that’s a sizable and solid base for users and a tantalizing opportunity for prospective business partners.


Before ClassDojo’s inception in 2011, there was no any free and user-friendly app that provided a communication platform for teachers, learners, and their parents. According to its co-founders, ClassDojo intends to start generating a profit without necessarily imposing charges on user data. Privacy remains a major concern, particularly when minors are involved. The objective is add premium features and content that parents would need to pay in order to use. These may include custom yearbooks, discussion guides, videos and lessons to use with their children at home.


ClassDojo is bound to grow similar to other social network platforms like Facebook or Snapchat because it allows for interaction between educators and parents through photos, videos, messaging among other exciting features. Moreover, parents can look forward to paying for things such as fees, yearbooks, field trips, and lunches for their children through an incorporated payment feature in the app. This would bring convenience to parents.


In conclusion, ClassDojo is an app that brings together teachers, learners and their parents in one community. Parents can now know what’s going in their kids’ classrooms. It is user-friendly and can be used on any tablet, computer, or smartphone. Moreover, everything in the app is totally free. Thanks to this app, parents can play a greater role in the academic and behavioral development of their children.

Evolution of Smooth’s Many Flavors

When choosing a lip care product such as lip balm, most people tend to choose taste over anything else. Unfortunately this could be a problem and it does nothing for you if you have chapped or dry lips. Other times people tend to purchase a product that full of lip protection, but lack any real taste. Why not just purchase a lip balm product that has them both and the Evolution of Smooth should be considered first on a long list of oral care products.

Why Evolution of Smooth

Before we get into flavors let’s talk about healing properties of a great lip balm. (EOS) is at the pinnacle because it provides users with antioxidants, nourishing vitamins, and is chemical free. This is a recipe of success when compared to the competition. Also Shea Butter and Jojoba oil is added for further benefits. Now you have numerous healing abilities from one product.

Flavors, Flavors, and More Flavors

It’s no secret, Evolution of Smooth has the widest selection of the best flavors. Flavors that you can taste and sense on your lips. Flavors for energizing and rejuvenating. Flavors that taste natural instead of too being too synthetically strong. Flavors such as Blackberry Nectar, Strawberry Sorbet, Cherry, Sweet Mint, Wildberry, Coconut Milk, Medicated Tangerine, Lemon Drop, Lemon Twist, Watermelon, and many many more.

Wearing the same lip balm everyday is great for lip health, but we as a people need variety and the Evolution of Smooth product lines gives the general public that. It’s like you’re getting a two-for-one deal. Healing & Taste. Stop procrastinating and head over to to get a better feel for the brand and what it has to offer.

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