Does Sanjay Shah Help People?

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of the business Solo Capital. He has worked to make the business not only profitable but also successful. He works with only the best of the best and gives his clients everything that they need when it comes to making their projects worthwhile. He is an expert at finances and is an expert at giving advice.

There are many things that he does including providing the advice that people need when it comes to proprietary trading, investments and the consultations that they require. He is able to give them the best of everything in the field of consulting and has given accurate advice more times than not. He has also earned the trust of many big accounts and has ensured that they will be able to make the right investments when it comes to their own business. He is an expert at finances all around.

While consulting is what Sanjay Shah does best, he is also able to give advice about investments. There are many investment sectors that he works in but he is sure to always provide a great deal of information on the investment opportunity before he tells his clients to make the decision to be able to do the investment. He is always sure of the investment before he gives the OK to make it. He does the research, weighs out the benefits and provides the information that is needed while doing all of the legwork for his clients.

Trading can also be difficult but Sanjay Shah makes it easy for his clients. He advises them the good opportunities to invest in and helps them make the actual trade process happen. He not only tells his clients how they can trade different stocks and what they can do, but he also tells them how to break into the stock market on their own. He knows that it is important for clients to be able to get what they want without having to rely on the crutch of a financial consultant. This allows the clients to have their freedom while they continue to make money.

Not only does Sanjay Shah work to make money but he is also very philanthropic. The only thing that he enjoys doing more than financial work is charity work, which has led him into some interesting situations. he works with charities but he also works with his own charity that he has founded. Autism Rocks is a charity that was started by Shah and has grown to epic proportions. It brings awareness about autism and different ways that people can be helped with the disease. He helps parents understand autistic children and helps families get accustomed to different situations.

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Exciting new dog food options


Dog foods have suddenly gotten very exciting with some new and very innovative dog food products that are coming out. From dog sushi to individualized dog food blends, there are now a wealth of options available to dog owners. Here are some highlights of the major new product innovations from dog food makers large and small.

Dog owners are increasingly concerned with the quality of the ingredients put into their dog’s food and therefore are pushing towards dog foods that are more natural and free from additives. Some manufacturers like Beneful are trying to accomplish this by offering more organic dog foods. Purina Beneful’s parent company recently acquired an organic dog food innovator and now offers an expanded selection of organic foods. Other brands are pushing this a step further and offering fully preservative free products. Freshpet, a smaller dog food maker is a company leading in offering these preservative free products. Their product offerings even require refrigeration that has led to higher costs for distributors of these foods and higher costs for customers. Even with that Freshpet is growing and capturing additional market share.

A truly innovative product is an offering by Beneful that lets customers select the exact ingredients that are present in their dog food. This is a truly original offering and requires an extensive logistical network to satisfy customer demand. Further, the product lets dog owners specify exactly what they are interested in feeding their dogs and in monitoring the health of their dogs as a result. Many pet owners are first consulting with their vets to see which foods are beneficial for their dogs and which ingredients should be avoided and then crafting a special blend of dog food through Beneful for their pet. Then, they are planning on monitoring the results and adjusting the food blend as needed.

Finally, Mar’s has developed a new dog food blend that has innovative flavors and ingredients in their dog food. Mar’s Cesar home delights line of dog food is offering dishes that have names that people can relate to like Sunday pot roast an beef lasagna which are supposed to whet the appetites of own and dog alike.


Sales in Healthy, Premium Dog Food Increase

For years now, companies have been combining premium meats like salmon and lamb in their pet food, so that owners will have grain-free, organic meal options for their dogs. Companies who are known for their pet foods are also enhancing their marketing efforts to compete with newer companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet Co. Purina has also introduced the Beneful line, which is filled with healthy, natural ingredients that help dogs maintain shiny coats and healthy organs.

Dog food companies are starting to adopt and “eat like your owner” philosophy when it comes to the new foods that are on the market these days. The United States, the sales of premium dog food has increased by 45 percent, to $10.5 billion, since 2009. Blue Buffalo was one of the first dog food companies to sell both canned foods and kibble that features a mixture of whole grains, vegetables and fruits with Rover’s chicken and lamb. The company went public with its ingredients over the summer, and is expected to make more than $1 billion in sales this year.

Larger pet food companies are responding to this with more updates to their products. This summer, Merrick Pet Care was purchased by Purina. Merrick is the first producer of wet and dry dog food that is certified organic. The acquisition was made public just a few months after Merrick debuted its Backcountry line of dog food. Recipes from the line include Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

There are also specialty pet foods for senior dogs. Purina offers a Bright Minds line, which has recipes that are made with medium-chain triglycerides, which is fat from coconut oil. This fat is said to be ideal for senior dogs to metabolize, and provides more energy for older pets. Beneful also offers a variety of wet and dry foods for dogs of all ages, as well as Baked Delights that include all the foods dogs love, including bacon, peanut butter, cheese and beef.

Although Beneful offers a number of healthy options and wholesome ingredients that owners will feel good about feeding their dogs, using fresh meat, particularly beef and chicken, and be costly. For instance, Freshpet, has lost around 50% of its value in this year alone. It is also very likely that more than half of the company’s float is in the hands of short sellers who predict that the company’s stock will fall, according to Bloomberg.

Freshpet does, however, state that the company will make a significant profit in the year 2016. After all, most people who are health-conscious will want to share their knowledge of whole foods with their families, and will also treat their dogs like family.



Health Trends Affecting Dog Food Choices

Healthy is bringing a surge of sales for dog food manufacturers. Whole grains, fresh vegetables and even a fruit or two are making their way into new formulas that are meant to promote better health for your dog. This surge in sales is also attributed to healthier habits by pet owners. They want their dog to feel as good as they do.

Farm fresh produce is being freeze dried at their peak of taste to ensure the best foods for dogs at all stages of life. Bringing food home straight from the farm is no longer something that only people can benefit from.

Pet food owners are also seeing that feeding their dog can be optimized by formulating a product to meet their dog’s specific needs. Purina dog food, which also generates the Beneful brand have developed a website that pet owners can use to do just that.

Beneful helps pet owners in developing a product that is unique to the needs of their dogs. Choosing activity levels and nutritional needs help to make the best food possible for your dog. Beneful also offers a number of premixed formulas that make good nutrition and healthy choices easy.

What is for sure is that Beneful dog food makers need to enhance their offerings in order to compete with the premium specialty dog food makers. Fresher is better, and innovative is best. While the run of the mill dog food stays the same, the premium makers are bringing people food tastes to the table for dogs.

Such tastes as lamb, chicken, duck jerky, and beef burgers are all being brought to your pet’s dish. These are coming to the stores with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no destructive chemicals added. This means that your dog gets the freshest options and the tastes that they crave.

As the premium dog food companies continue to offer fresher, tastier foods for dogs the other companies will have to step up their products and offer what will garner sales.




A New Trend In Dog Food Has Arrived

It’s nice to know that manufacturers are tasting the dog food they produce. We have tasted our dogs’ food for decades. If we say it tastes good, then we will serve it to our four legged family members. People may not eat a daily regimen of healthy foods, but we want our beloved pet to eat well every single time and that includes their snacks. Some of the companies have added probiotics to keep the dogs’ digestive system working properly. The manufactures’ has realized what owners have wanted for their pets and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to produce healthy and tasty meals. The meals the companies are manufacturing taste like ours right from the table. This is what our pets love. The taste of our human prepared food. Purina Store’s Beneful uses fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish and fortifies the food with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The company has added antioxidants to keep the food from spoiling during its shelf life. Snacks have been designed to keep the pooches’ breath fresh and their teeth and gums clean. All of their food helps to produce a healthy and shiny coat. Beneful dog food by Purina covers the age range from puppies, to the adult dogs and the mature dogs. Puppy food is made to build strong bones, healthy teeth, sharp eyesight and help the brain to develop correctly. When your dog is overweight there is food to help them reach and maintain a healthy weight for all the different breeds. Beneful has food for the mature dogs to give them more energy. The employees who give the “green light” on the ingredients are dog owners and feed their pets Beneful Dog Food. The Pet and Animal Nutritionists, Quality Control on-site testing teams and a host of others are the experts who make Beneful a high end quality dog food.

A New Dawn In Video Visitation Technology Brought By Securus Technologies

When video visitation technology was launched, many people praised Securus Technologies engineering team for such a great tool. This video visitation technology was compatible with computers and laptop. This meant a lot to their customers at that time; there no longer going to be long travels to the prison to see their family and friend during official visitation days. The customers could just go to their computer and video visit their incarcerated friend or family, thus saving money and time. This technology also meant that you could easily see your family or friend locked away anytime you wanted, all you had to do was to book a video visitation space. For a long time, people have been using inmate phone calls, and the voice only connection was never enough. Video visitation seemed to have sealed the deal. Many people went ahead to acquire computers and laptops to use this service. With time people got used to the computer video visitation and appreciated it though it had limitations they demanded that Securus Technologies do more on the limitations of the service. A call which the company honored.

Then technology improved and smartphones were introduced to the market. The smartphone was a big hit the American consumer market and everyone went ahead to acquire one of them. The smartphone had many advantages on it as you could carry it around with you. On top of this it had video calling capabilities, and just like the computer anyone could utilize this platform to make a video calling application. Securus Technologies took some time to perfect their inmate communication products and finally they have delivered – A new mobile video visitation application. To make it more accessible, they have made it in two versions; an Android application for Android operating system phones and an Apple application for smartphones like iPhones which utilize the Apple operating system. The Android application can be downloaded from Google play store while the Apple application can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Securus Technologies have been coming up with new innovations every time and better forms of their previous more than 800 security products. The innovative predecessor of the video visitation mobile phone application is the patented THREAD 3.1 software. This software is an operating system that has been upgraded from the previous version. This software is mainly used for large-scale security solution like correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This software offers a platform for different security tools like CCTVs, motion sensors, voice recorders and video recorders to be integrated into. This new upgrade is more complex and offers a wide variety of user options and tools.

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The Success of Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

Imagine the feeling of one of the world’s most famous rappers showing up at your frontdoorstep. This is just what CEO of Solo Captial was presented with when Snoop Dogg showed up at his door with his 10-person entourage. The first thing that popped into Shah’s mind was the fact that they didn’t have any food ready for this crew of rappers. This wasn’t a problem however as they spent time in the garden and spoke of Los Angeles and Dubai. This was an amazing surprise visit that left Shah inspired to do something great.

Shah had decided that he needed to create a benefit based around music. This is where he came up with the idea for Autism Rocks. He was able to successfully partner with big name acts like Prince and Lenny Kravitz. This helped him to raise a large sum of money for autism research. This has been a passion of Shah’s for many years. He was finally able to devise a way to raise money for this cause while having a very fun and exciting event accompany this fundraising.

Shah has been very successful in business for many years. He has created a great name for himself in the world of capital management. Shah has been able to create great returns in the market as a result of the many years of experience he has had with capital management. He has found a great deal of success in both business and philanthropy as well. His investing knowledge has helped him create a net worth of over a billion dollars. This has helped him dedicate more of his time to projects that are giving back to the community. Shah has been able to move forward in the business world and create many great changes that have been very influential in the world of finance.

George Soros Warns of 2008 Style Crisis

A new year traditionally begins with lots of hope and optimism, but thus far 2016 is taking a different tack. Since this new year began, however, the financial markets are looking less than optimistic, to say the least. Since the start of the new year the market has dropped dramatically, with worldwide losses now at over $2.5 trillion globally. According to market guru George Soros on Bloomberg, all this indicates a possible crisis, one that could reach the proportion of the economic meltdown of 2008.

Soros is a voice market watchers listen to, as this hugely successful hedge fund owner, who’s been working since the 1950s, is worth over $27 billion, due to the success of his investments.

In a recent talk in Sri Lanka, George Soros’ observed that much of the instability we are seeing now stems from the changes occurring in China. China is going through what might be called growing pains, as it changes from a manufacturing and investment based economy into one that is geared more towards service and consumerism. This change hasn’t been easy, and the yuan is now going through major losses in value, all of which are taking a huge toll on the international market.

Since the start of 2016, the plunges in the Chinese market have forced it to close for trading on several occasions. The losses were huge and there is no solution in sight right now.

The Chinese authorities are acting swiftly to stem the losses, with the People’s Bank of China lowering interest rates dramatically and even the Communist Party pledging to let go of controls on capital by 2020. The authorities are also putting a lot of money into the economy, but thus far none of these moves has helped significantly.

Soros advice at this time is for investors to move warily in the new year to avoid major losses. This doesn’t look to be a time for major risk taking, to say the least.

George Soros Expertise In Dealing With Financial Prospects

George Soros possesses a great sense of economic trends and the passion for a decent society. George is also a successful author, who has published some books including the Bubble of American Prophesy, The Age of Fallibility, and the New Paradigm for Financial Markets. George Soros is also a professor who lectures at the Central European University. His lectures primarily focus on a capitalist society, financially and open society.

He offered a rich overview of his economics and political aspect opinions. George Soros is a talented author who has achieved tremendous sales of his books. He has successfully published a total of fourteen books that are already on the market. His books mostly talk about the market prospects and the encountered changes in the stock sales and purchase overview. George Soros also ventures on globalization and the encountered impacts on the realization of a perfect society.

George Soros quote suggests that investors should prepare themselves to take advantage of the market situation and to invest wisely in the market in case the prospects do not favor investments. The geopolitical state in the international market suggests that the stock has not yet fully recovered a stay in the stock market. Investors who deal with safe stocks are the only ones managing to survive stiff competition in the market. According to George Soros, business personnel and entrepreneurs should make into considerations identifying the standard indicators in the financial market and their meanings.

According to the news, George Soros unraveled the meaning of his business quote that deals with how unpredictable the stock market has come to be. Philanthropist Soros has been offering financial advisory services for more than twenty years. He has been urging the investors to study the nature of the financial market completely before signing commercial deals in the market. Soros care is always led by his humanitarian nature and his professionalism in the market experience. The successful prophecy of George Soros in the lack of flexibility in banking sector distributions implies something worth of being followed.

Political uncertainty and the presence of shift of investors’ attitudes are the key factors that caused the wavering of prices in the stock market. The militants’ war in Iraq, which rendered many people, refugees in their country had an impact on the significant fall in oil prices in the global market. To read more on how George Soros has been predicting on the market prospects, open the following link .

Freshpet Brings Gourmet Food To Your Pet’s Dish

Tucked away in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania, a revolution in pet food is occurring and it’s taking the nation by storm. Freshpet is changing the norm for pet food with its production of refrigerated, gourmet quality food for pets.

Freshpet and a group of other innovative pet food manufacturers are catching the eye and wallets of cat and dog owners in the lucrative pet food sector. Faced with losing market share, traditional pet food manufacturers are changing their marketing mix and product line to keep up with the appeal that the new producers, such as the Blue Buffalo Company. Not only are traditional pet food manufacturers like Beneful adding appealing meat and fish dishes, they are introducing blends that cater to particular situations, such as weight loss and control.

Traditional pet food heavyweights Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle’s and Mars’ are providing consumers a plethora of options on to satisfy their concerns for their pets health with websites, and offering natural organic additives enhance the food’s nutrient value.
Since 2009, premium dog and cat food sales have increased 45% and hold a 50% market share of the pet food market like Beneful and Wall Street is taking notice. Privately held, Blue Buffalo Company went public and sales are anticipated to exceed $1 billion dollars this fiscal year.

Not to be outmaneuvered, the traditional pet food producers are acquiring small, niche producers, such as Purina purchasing Merrick Pet Care, a manufacturer of organic dry and wet dog food.

As well, Purina is the manufacturer of the leading pet food, Beneful is a wet and dry cat and dog food. It’s comprised of the finest ingredients that are blended into a variety of flavors to satisfy the pallets of even the most discriminating dogs. The blends from Beneful are comprised of chicken, pork, beef and lamb with green beans, rice, barley and carrots.

Refrigerated dog meals like Beneful on amazon is an expanding market, but a relatively new niche. Freshpet is distributed nationwide and offered in refrigerated cases in more than 14,000 stores and available in some Target, Walmart, and Whole Food Markets.