Who Is Sergio Cortes? How Has He Become A Huge Viral Sensation?

Sergio Cortes has become quite a unique viral hit over the past few years. His performances in the past have become a YouTube hit simply because of how well this young guy is changing the world of MJ fans in the whole entire world. Sergio is just a regular young guy who is taking the world by storm by becoming the best MJ impersonator in the world today. His simplicity with how he approaches this role is what has helped him become such a real professional in the industry. He has become a huge viral hit for a single reason; he knows how to bring this legend to life on stage.

Sergio’s dancing, singing, and almost uncanny MJ facial features in combination with the stage, lights, and the special effects all bring together a lifelike Michael Jackson on stage like never before. After people have uploaded several videos of him on YouTube, he has become quite the successful viral hit. He has even built a huge following on Twitter, and he uses it as a place to share inspiration and information about his shows and performances. He continues to perform in any place he can to bring MJ to life. Whether it’s in Italy or in any place in South America, this guy is becoming a world star.

His following is now beginning to blossom in so many ways, as he hopes to one day have a world tour where he takes his team to a new stage and brings MJ’s most iconic music to more cities, states, and countries.

Sergio has a Mother who truly helped him discover his love for the legend of pop. She literally taught him and showed him how to become this amazing singer. He developed the skills and ability to literally mimic everything from the hand gestures to the way Michael sings, and it has become one unique gift of his to bring this amazing legend of pop to life in his own unique way on stage.

Impersonators are very talented people are practically give the gift as they mature.

They can either look like themselves or look like a completely famous person, and it’s put of them to decide if they want to become that person for money or not. The industry can be lucrative, especially for somebody like Sergio who is making a good amount of money posing for pictures, performing in shows, and also being flown to other places for shows as Michael Jackson.

Yeonmi Park, A Survivor’s Story

Many people say their lives have been filled with misfortune and difficulty. Then again most people have not experienced the world as Yeonmi Park. Park was born under the regime of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in 1993. Her father was a civil servant in the small village of Hyesan. Her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army. Park has one sister a few years older. By all accounts, her family was wealthy compared to most of the people in her village.

The family’s wealth was not enough to provide food during a famine, and Park’s father established a smuggling operation selling metals to the Chinese. Unfortunately the scheme was discovered and Park’s father was arrested, convicted and sentenced to a hard labor camp. To protect the family, Park’s parents decided to leave North Korea and escape the brutal and oppressive conditions by fleeing first to China, then onto South Korea.

Park’s father was originally unable to accompany his family, and her older sister left early and without saying anything. Park and her mother crossed a frozen river and three mountain ranges to get into China. Conditions there were not much better, and the pair was regularly raped and abused by their Chinese human-traffickers. Also, the pair had to maintain a low profile since Chinese authorities would deport them back to North Korea if they were found. Park’s father was finally able to rejoin his family in China but died due to inoperable colon cancer.

After living hidden in a Christian mission and with the help of the Chinese and South Korean missionaries, Park, and her mother set out for Mongolia where they could seek refuge in the South Korean embassy. Crossing the Gobi Desert was an arduous ordeal, but the pair were finally able to present themselves to the border guards who initially were going to deny Park and her mother into the country. The pair had already prepared for this possibility and had a mutual pledge to kill themselves if not allowed to cross the border. It was that tearful exchange of goodbyes that convinced the guards to allow them to enter Mongolia. They, however, had to submit themselves to living in a refugee camp while the South Koreans processed their entry and granted asylum.

Finally arriving in Seoul, Park and her mother faced difficulty in adjusting to their new-found freedom. They had to work as servers in restaurants and as store clerks.

Today on Independent.com, Park is an outspoken critic of the human rights abuses suffered by North Koreans at the hands of that government. Under first Kim Jong-il and now his son Kim Jong-un, food storages are common. There are no freedoms of speech, press, and religion. Protesters are routinely arrested, tortured and even killed.

Park has retold her story many times in the western press, and in front of human rights assemblies around the world. She has been labeled a traitor by North Korea and is repeatedly denounced. Still she believes Kim Jong-un is a cruel dictator deserving of punishment for his crimes of human rights abuses.

Yeonmi Park: Her Tale of Escape and Internment

When you live in a society that is free, do you really know what it means to be on the other side of the fence? In many cases, Americans take the various liberties that they have for granted. In very few cases we see examples of the type of persecution in their lives on the other side of a free society. Once in a great while, individuals share their stories of injustice and persecution to show others what it’s like not to be in a free society.

Yeonmi Park’s life was one of ease and happiness, living in a well-to-do section of the country of North Korea. Her parents both worked for the government, her mother as a nurse for the North Korean army, and her father as a high ranking worker for the countries’ Workers Party. She remembers happy times, even though the government that she grew up under was one of the most brutal regimes in the world.

Park explains on idependent.co.uk her first taste of learning how her government operated when a close family friend was beaten in front of her. It made her quickly realize that the iron hand of the state was much more unforgiving than she first understood. Later, in secrecy, she managed to obtain a bootleg copy of the movie “Titanic,” and it totally changed her worldview. She had been brought up to respect and admire the government for the institution that it was, and now she saw it in a totally different light.

From that point on, a series of incidents occurred to Park’s family that totally changed her life. Her entire family was moved to another part of North Korea, a less affluent area than the one they had lived in before. They found life very hard to bear, scraping by to make ends meet. Everything was strictly rationed including food. To ensure that his family didn’t starve, Park’s father resorted to illegal activities to keep them fed. He was soon caught by the state and sentenced to serve hard labor in prison for his crime. He served time for several years, until he became extremely ill. The state, assuming that he was close to death due to his illness released him early.

When he arrived home, he realized that his family could not continue in the way it had. He devised an escape for his family out of North Korea. However, the years in jail had taken a toll too great on his health. He could not embark on the journey himself, and he stayed behind in North Korea and later died.

Park and her family snuck out of North Korea and across the border into China. There, they met a group of Chinese smugglers that were supposed to sneak them out of China and into South Korea. But little did they know that their strenuous journey was about to get even more complex and dangerous. The Chinese smugglers held them captive for two years and subjected them to all sorts of brutality and torture. Park saw many horrors during that time of internment, including the rape of her own mother.

Park’s family was released two years later, and they found safe passage to South Korea. Since her journey to freedom, she has become an activist, speaking to groups all over the world about her ordeal as a North Korean citizen and as a prisoner of Chinese smugglers. She hopes that her story will inspire change in North Korea and illuminate the ongoing problems of slavery and captivity.

Sergio Cortés: His Imitation Is His Love Letter To His Hero Michael Jackson

In today’s society, it’s hard to dedicate yourself to something that you truly love. It’s even more difficult to be in an occupation where you receive the adoration of thousands of people. To receive both of these thing at the same time is a true miracle in itself.

Sergio Cortés has been blessed with the opportunity to not only do what he loves, but received worldwide recognition for it. For years, he is been known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. His story is unique and a testament to his tenacity in emulating his childhood hero. Cortés vividly remembers seeing Michael Jackson for the first time when Jackson was just five years old, and a member of the world-famous singing group, the Jackson Five.

Sergio remembers watching the showman dance and sing on stage with his brothers, and he was enthralled by the showmanship of the young Jackson. Soon after, he began to imitate him, much to the delight of his friends and family. He believed that if he could bring the people closest to him that much joy, he could also portray Michael Jackson and make even more people happy.

This set Cortés on a mission. He watched as many Michael Jackson videos as he could get his hands on, taking in all the different mannerisms of the King of Pop. But it was a chance encounter with a photographer that set Sergio on a course to worldwide fame and fortune.

A photographer caught sight of Sergio one day while he was walking through his town. The photographer was absolutely floored with the resemblance of Sergio to Michael Jackson, and asked him if he could take a photo for his local newspaper. Sergio agreed, the photo was taken, and the next day, a huge groundswell of interest began. People wanted to know who this person was who looked exactly like Michael Jackson.

Before long, Sergio was receiving all sorts of offers for work from various agents. He took up some of the offers to do Michael Jackson impersonator shows. And from there his career took off. Every year, he gains more fans, and does shows and concerts as a tribute to his hero all over the world.

Individuals still can’t take in the fact that the person standing in front of them is not Michael Jackson. Some are greatly moved by just being next to Cortés, and treat him like the rockstar that Michael Jackson actually was. He intends to continue on with his career, even though it has been tough at times to receive the same type of recognition as one of the greatest pop stars of our time.

With years of work under his belt, and a wide display of talent to show the rest of the world, Sergio Cortés has become well known and performs for millions of people all over the world. To become a world-famous celebrity and doing what he loves is the culmination of his ultimate dream.

Sergio Cortes: The Master Michael Jackson Impersonator

Elvis Presley is unquestionably the most impersonated man on the planet. However, the late King of Pop might run a close second to the King of Rock and Roll. Since his tragic and untimely death in 2009, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has increased dramatically. From this large group, one person has risen above the rest and is widely regarded as the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator of them all. Sergio Cortes is his name.

In 1971, Cortes was born in Spain. He currently lives in Barcelona and performs around that city on a regular basis. Over the course of his career impersonating one of the most famous musicians of all time, he has gained a large audience of loyal followers around the world, particularly in Brazil. His uncanny physical resemblance to Jackson, along with the incredible vocal similarity, have made him one of the most popular impersonators in the world. Cortes has been impersonating Jackson since he was in his teens. However, he held other odd jobs and never seriously thought about making a full-time living as a Michael Jackson impersonator until 2012. This was the year that Cortes was asked to host a tribute to Michael Jackson that was held in Madrid. It was not long before word of his amazing impersonation started to be discussed on social media. Television stations and entertainment publications sought interviews with him. It was at that point that Cortes realized he could probably make a very good living with his unique talent.

Of course, the real Michael Jackson’s talent went far beyond singing. He was also a renowned dancer. This meant that if Cortes was going to be believable as the King of Pop, he would need to be able to perfectly mimic Jackson’s dance moves as well. Cortes took dance lessons to hone his craft to perfection. He worked hard to memorize the choreography of some of Jackson’s most famous videos. All of his hard work has paid off. If you see Cortes perform, you will see an entertainer that truly loves his craft as much as the legendary performer he is paying tribute to.

Although younger audiences today will never get to see the real Michael Jackson perform, Sergio Cortes is clearly the next best thing. In fact, many people who were fortunate to see the real Jackson perform often remark how difficult it is to tell Cortes from the genuine article.

Yeon-mi Park, The Human Right Activist

Yeonmi Park is actually believed to have been born in Hyesan, which is located in North Korea. Currently, she is a junior at the Dongguk University which is located in Seoul. In the university, she mainly majors in matters concerning Criminal Justice.

Yeonmi has featured and published in several different papers newspapers. Some of the papers include; the Washington Post,the Voice of America, the Radio Free Asia, in the BBC2,the SBS Insight among many others

Park is always a regular visitor in the South Korean TV on yeonmi.net which is known as Now On My Way to Meet You.this is a program that is known for its attempts to bridge the existing gap between the North and the South Koreans.

Yeomni Park is also a Media Fellowat the famous Freedom Factory Co. Ltd. Her tv appearances do not end here, as she is also a co-host in the English-language TV podcast Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show. She is a recognized volunteer with the Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights, and also in the and is the Ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees program which offer support to different needy individuals in korea.

Park is actually a young girl who is believed to have run away from North Korea. Last year, she told the BBC about the kind of violence and food starvation she went through when she was living there.

During her stay in North Korea, Yeonmi Park went through a lot of difficult situations. She actually witnessed horrifying bloody executions she was sometimes forced to take grass and even insects for food so that she could survive. At 13 years of age, her family fled to China in their quest to search and get a better life. Unfortunately, her mother was brutally tortured and raped in her efforts to guard her children.

Currently, at 21-year Yeomni lives in South Korea, but she travels all over the world, trying to create and raise awareness about the North Korean regime, which many people find very repressive.Just recently, she shared some of this painful memories with the BBC’s Lucy Hockings.

As time goes by, the beautiful Yeon-mi continues to seriously work hard on her book, and also trys to speak out so that freedom in North Korea can be achieved.

During the Human Rights Day last year in December, Yeon-mi actually appeared in a great panel in the United States of America State Department, together with outspoken defector known as Joseph Kim.

During public forums, Kim has always tried telling people how he actually saw hisown father withering and dying from lack of food, how the sister actually disappeared while his own mother abandoned them at home. He survived in the streets, looking for breed anywhere he could find it. According to Kim, hunger is the worst thing that can happen to everyone, it is humiliating, and brings a lot of helplessness.

Kim’s story illustrates how difficult and desperate the situation life in North Korea is, and just how much the women in the country suffered and made tough decisions.

App Users Flock to Flipora

While a huge part of the population clamors to fork out $2.99 a month for Kylie Jenner’s new app, social media apps continue to be the primary way others connect and share with the world. Apps under the social media umbrella help users connect and share with their media followers in a uniquely direct way. There are well-known and widely used apps standard for nearly smart phone like Facebook or Twitter but users are continually seeking out the next greatest app. Many are quickly discovering Flipora, the social media app that allows users to discover online content, making it one of the fastest growing available apps for download.

Still leading the social media game are widely-used apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Each with their own strengths and uniqueness, the trends tend to follow what the younger generation of users are seeking. After parents migrated to Facebook, 20-somethings and teens fled to apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to do their sharing. While Facebook now excels for a social media presence for business and parents, Snapchat allows quick and fun temporary photo-sharing. Both apps allow for connections and direct sharing.

Twitter and Instagram are social media giants as well, with celebrities and news outlets sharing on both. Twitter has proven a great way for media to break news with followers. Users can post short updates as well as respond to followers and share pictures, direct message, etc. While Instagram specializes in picture sharing and filters, it too has a heavy celebrity presence. Even NBA players are using it to make career announcements.

Although Flipora may not have joined the notoriety ranks of Facebook and Twitter yet, their user base is quickly growing. The app distinguishes itself from all other social media apps while still being user friendly and intuitive. So what is exactly is Flipora? It is a personalized content discovery app which gets to know its user and seeks out content and cool information based on user interest. Available for iPhones and Androids alike, the app recommends relevant content that it knows the user will enjoy but has yet to discover. Flipora accomplishes this through their algorithm as well as user driven voting.

After its introduction, Flipora was growing at a rate of 150,000 users per week with 25,000 per day and was still adding new features to entice users. Reportedly, users are responding so positively to the uniquely personal content and convenient delivery. Flipora gained 8 million users by June 2012 and grew exceedingly to 25 million users in April 2014. As of July 2015, the app was experiencing 7 million unique hits monthly with expectations to keep growing.

Your House Needs Professional Help

The holidays are coming. Time for big meals, laughter with friends and family, and a house full of guest. House guests? Oh, no! They will see your dust bunnies. They will open closet doors and use toilets and look out your windows. This has suddenly become an emergency. It’s time for some professional house-cleaning help.

Professional house cleaners can come in and do all the stuff that you don’t even know to do, can’t do, or just do not want to do. Dusting those corners in the spare bedroom where that spider hides- they can take care of that. Polishing all of the silverware and spiffing up the bedding; they will even iron your sheets. Whatever you need to get your house in tip-top shape, professionals like Handy Home Cleaning Services are there to help.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is actually an app that brings professional cleaners together with clients. Handy thoroughly vets their employees, over 5,000 to date, for the safety of their clients. The clients pay through the app, ensuring the home cleaners get their money without a hassle. And the clients and professionals can choose jobs and cleaners that suit their preferences, hours and pay rates.

This business model has become wildly popular with people looking for the ease of qualified cleaners to come in once, or once a week. Cleaners love not having to look for potential clients. They also love the convenience of not having to worry that they will get paid for the job.

Handy Home was founded by two college students, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Together, they have grown their company to be a multi-million dollar empire. Their company also offers plumbing and home repairs, but the major money-maker is the cleaning service.

So when the time comes and you look around in panic at your home, or whether you just decide that your schedule is too busy to allow room for deep cleanings every week, services like Handy Home Cleaning Services and others can come in and help you out.

Whether you choose to use the mobile app available, or you choose to search the net and find your own services from a local business in your area, finding a great company to make your house sparkle is easy. And if you are a professional cleaner looking for a way to make great money, set your own hours, and find reliable clients who will pay what they say, perhaps this model is just what you’ve been searching for.

Put up your duster and stash that mop. Put your feet up, pick your phone up and get your home cleaned without lifting a finger…well, maybe one finger, to touch the app.

Status Labs Steps up in Wake of Ashley Madison Hack

Under a month ago we saw Ashley Madison, the affair oriented hook up website, fall to a massive data breach. In the following weeks a group of hackers released data, including private names and credit card info, onto the internet in order to slap the company in the face — proverbially speaking, of course. In the wake of that hack many people are beginning to wonder just how safe they are on the internet and just how accessible their privacy is to prying eyes and hackers. The truth is that hackers are working day and night in order to find new ways to exploit online users and there is little that can be done to stop them. How we react to data breaches is far more telling. For online reputation group Status Labs, the response was everything.

Status Labs is an online management group that takes on customers in order to help them control their image and brand. They focus on SEO tactics, brand consulting, public relations management, and social media coordination in order to keep their clients looking good on the ever scary Google search.

After the hack and subsequent release of information many people began to contact Status Labs, including executives, accountants, government employees, and even business owners. At the time of this writing we had already seen one high profile name (Josh Duggar) fall to the hack. Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, called out those who were happy about the hack by saying, “It’s only a matter of time before we’re all victims.”

In order to avoid taking advantage of the Ashley Madison hack victims, Fisher is letting his company offer free “crisis counselling” to those affected by the hack. Status Labs will work together with these victims as they attempt to fix the outcome of the dreaded hack. A plan can be set in motion through Stats Labs simply by visiting their website.

Famous Financial Executive

Kenneth Griffin is one of the youngest and most successful hedge fund managers in the investment capital industry. Acting as the CEO of Citadel, Ken Griffin has won numerous industry awards for his prudent and successful investment style as a hedge fund manager. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Kenneth accumulated initial investment for his hedge fund by taking loans from his family.

Early Career

At first, he was only able to raise $265,000 for the hedge fund. Despite the relatively small amount of capital, Ken Griffin was determined to succeed by investing in funds that were less risky. Perhaps, his success is attributed to the safer investment style because many of his close associates lost billions of dollars in 1987, when the stock market crashed. On the contrary, Kenneth Griffin was only among very few hedge fund managers who were able to survive using intuitive techniques. For instance, Kenneth installed a satellite link at his home to get the real-time market data enabling him to proactively react to changing market conditions. In 1987, he was only managing under $1 million US dollars that included investments from his friends. However, his success during the stock market proved his prudent investment style, which also proved instrumental in getting additional capital for his hedge fund.

Initial Success

Just one year after the stock market crash of 1987, Kenneth was able to acquire $1 million from another well-known investment manager, Frank Meyer. Frank trusted Kenneth Griffin because Kenneth had proved his mettle by stabilizing his investments during the crash of 1987. In fact, Kenneth exceeded expectations of Frank Meyer by returning over 70% of the initial investment in the first year. Building on his success, Kenneth started his own investment capital firm after graduating from Harvard in 1989. The new firm, Citadel, was built from $4.6 million dollar employing less than 10 employees. However, in just eight years, Citadel raised more than $1 billion dollars becoming one of the most successful hedge fund firms. At the time, it employed over 100 employees and Kenneth Griffin was regarded as one of the most influential people in the world of finance.

Top Financial Firm

By the start of Millennium, Kenneth was already regarded as one of the foremost financial advisers who frequently appeared in the coveted list of Forbes and Fortune magazines. By 2015, the capital investment firm, Citadel, is also regarded as the most successful firms in the hedge fund industry. In reality, the success of Citadel is attributed to the financial acumen of Kenneth Griffin and the induction of friendly culture within the company. In March 2015, Great Places to Work Institute included Citadel in the list of top companies to work for. The positive attitude of Citadel employees is attributed to numerous perks, work-life balance, and social activities. Apart from his personal success, Kenneth Griffin also contributes heavily to philanthropic cause. Kenneth has also donated more than $500 million dollars for various social causes. It also included $150 million donation to his Alma-matter, Harvard University, which was the largest ever single donation at that time. He continues to reside in Chicago overseeing investment activities of Citadel.